25 25. Met you again - II

A white horse came running towards her. His black thick hair waving in the air, half tied in a pony and half freely falling. The flicks of his hair on the side of his forehead, flickering by the wind. A veil on his face, revealing only his ash mauve eyes. With a sword in his hand, he was forwarding towards her. Whistling, she called Onyx and jumped on him. Riding away from him, she pulled out her dagger. Glancing at him through her shoulder, she speeds up her pace. 'It's him, the Lord of the f*ker.' Was he along all the time? Was he hiding? If so, why would he let his men die? With the different attire from the last time they met, he might not have recognized her. Speeding up the horse, she was thinking of a way to defeat him. She knew he's strong. That time she couldn't fight because of her injured leg. This time it's double, her leg as well as her arm. She needs tactics to defeat him. Mere strength will not work on him.

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