16 16. Back to home

Cressida was roaming in her kingdom on her horse. When she went to the brothel last night, they strictly refused for selling girls from there. She searched for another brothel, there were two brothels in their kingdom and both of them refused to sell girls. 'Did she heard wrong last night', she thought. Confused, she was riding randomly here and there. When she came across her palace, she stopped and stand for a while. Looking at her burned castle which was the beauty of the east once, made her heartache. Jumping down from the horse, she walked towards her castle. All the domes and the towers were covered under ash and dirt. Viewing the abandoned castle which was her home once, she touched its huge metal door.

"What are you doing?" A voice startled her. Turning towards the source of the sound, she saw a man standing at a distance. He was an elderly man in his 40's.

"Who are you?" Cressida asked.

"Caretaker." The man replied.

"Of what?" 

"Of goods."

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