12 12. Deadly Amour

He was standing on a branch of a tree far above the ground, his eyes staring at a silhouette of a person ridding on a horse. Moving the branches with one hand, he lowered his hat to veil his eyes. Hopping from one branch to another, he was following the person. The more he tried to get closer, the further the person appears. Taking long jumps from one tree to another, he began to stalk. The night looks cold and the wind sounds loud. Jumping against the air, his hat flew away in the process, revealing his beautiful yet dangerous eyes. He halted on a branch to cover his left eye with his hand. Placing a hand on a trunk of a tree for support, he gazed at the silhouette disappearing in the fog. Making a fist, he looked down at the dept of the jungle, where the greenness of the ground was barely visible darkness of the night. He was annoyed and angry, unable to chase after the same person again and again. Every time chasing the same person made him adamant to know the identity. Tightening his fist in anger, he sensed the trunk of the tree turned softer. It felt more like cotton than wood. Feeling the softness on his fingers, he moved his hand from his eye to have a clear look. "What is-"


A sudden moan awakens him from his disturbing dream. Opening his eyes, he looked at the peak of his bednet. Feeling the continuous softness on his hand, he realized it was not the trunk that he was holding. Taking a deep breath, he tried to move his hand, ending up waking his sister, Leserli.

"I told you not to come into my room." He said.

Her hand wrapped around his forehead, making his head pulled into her neck. Whereas her chin was placed on his head and her leg was on his stomach. His half of the side was under her body, jamming his limbs.

Sliding down, she slowly opened her eyes. Her upper form being traced by his captured arm. Gulping he closed his eyes, feeling the taces of the soft touch. Slipping close, she moved above him. Her soft chest pressed against his bare torso. He dare not to open his eyes, the thin silk gown between their bodies, was hard enough to conceal anything. The sliding caused the cloth to rolled up which was complimenting the situation.


His chest was rising and falling by the hyped situation. Placing his forearm on his eyes, he agape his mouth to take a calming breath.

"Let me look at your eyes Vidarr." Said Leserli, moving forward to remove his hand. The movement making the situation worse.

"I can't look at you." Vidarr breathed heavily.

Leserli made a gentle laugh. "You have grown up in my hands."

"I'm not a kid anymore, I'm almost 14!"

She chuckled and stud on her elbow, removing his hand. Looking into those beautiful eyes, she lost herself in a colorful maze. She stared long enough to her heart content until he lowered his eyes. His gaze fell on her form, making his head avert promptly. She laughed again, wrapping her hands around his head, raising his head to face her. He looked into her brown eyes, dimmed by the wait she was carrying. His colored eyes twinkled at her warming smile. A smile that never leaves her face.

"Since when the look in your eyes changed towards me?" She asked.

"Since you start to flirt with me."

"I did that ever since you were brought."

"Precisely, When I understood the meaning of your words; 'the only man I find attractive is you'."

Laughing, she rolled aside. Turning towards him, she said. "I'll not ask when was that time, I'm contented that you remembered and understood what I meant back then."

"Long back." This time he faced her, looking into her eyes.

"More than 5 five years," she stated more like a question.

"Much more than that, you reached the age to pair up alliance since then." He reminded her.

She stood up into a sitting position, There was offense on her face. Her supremacy was back. Adjusting her nightgown, she dusted the creases. Taking a deep breath and planting a usual calm smile on her face, she stood up to leave the bed when Vidarr held the hem of her gown and pulled her back on the bed. She glanced at him through her shoulder, her eyes holding the constant dim warmness.

Rising into a sitting position, he rubbed the nape of his neck. "Leserli."

"Address the Lady of the South respectfully, you are my Knight and you don't have any right to call me by my first name." She gracefully stood from the bed and moved the curtain of the bednet to walk out of the chamber.

Vidarr looked at her as she leaves his chamber. Covering the curtain, he again laid back recollecting the feel of her touch.


Coming out of a hot water bath, Leseri sat on a velvet stool. Her maids drying her hair with hot smoke and removing rose petals from her pale delicate form. She stood up while they started dressing her. Pulling up a crinoline on her waist, they tighten up the corset. Slipping a navy blue silk gown on her designed form, they lifted her hair to tie the laces at the back. Forming a rose bun with her black silky hair they put an exquisite crown on her. Pulling up the matching gloves on her hand, they tighten up the remaining laces. Lifting the gown, she placed her stocking covered legs in a shoe and stood straight, admiring herself in the mirror. Leserli lifted a flower, while her maid colored her lips pink with a finger. Walking to the ritual table, she placed the flower on a burning candle. Before she could start reciting, her eyes found Vidarr standing at the door, watching her perform the ritual. Looking into his eyes, she recited her words and burned the flower. When the flower burned out completely, Vidarr turned around and walked out of her sight.

Smiling, she walked out of her chamber to the corridor of the first floor. She looked down at the people gathered in the main hall. The hall was decorated with every kind of flowers and chandeliers hanging maroon creepers, the wall painted with roses where there were round tables align along with every possible sweet on them. The whole place was heavenly beautified with the natural flora. Leserli walked to the stairs and lifted her gown to step down. Not too soon Vidarr came and offered his hand to assist her. She looked at her sideways, he smiled at her, a pretentious smile that he learned from her. Averting her eyes from him, she took his hand and followed him down the stairs. Everyone in the hall turned and stare at them as they walk down. Some were having a discussion on how Leserli Kaiser sees swevens and can predict the outcomes. While others were gossiping about Vidarr being announced as an official knight of the Kaiser's kingdom.

Entering the hall, they both bowed their heads to the king. Vidarr walked and stood beside the king whereas Leselri bowed and kissed the back of the hand of her mother the first queen and the second queen. They smiled at her with admiration and pride. Rising the toast in the air the king gestured the glass towards Vidarr. The adviser of the king opens up a scroll and began to read.

'In the name of Goddess Aphaea, to whom we all serve. I announced you a decision that can never be altered. The king of Kaiser's with all the daughters made his only son Vidarr, the Knight of the kingdom and the protector of the Lady. At the midnight the coronation will be held with the witness of the two queens and the lady of the south.'

After announcing, he rolled back the scroll, keeping it on the table, and lifted a golden glass of vine. Rising the glass in the air, he glanced at Vidarr, who raised his glass followed by the men in the hall. People applauded and shouted in bliss. After taking a sip from the glass Vidarr walked towards Leserli who was standing along with the ladies of other kingdoms. On seeing Vidarr they bowed and left her. She turned to face him. Placing a fist on his heart, he bowed her.

"Congratulation, my little brother." She smiled and took a sip of the vine.

"Thank you, My Lady, I hope we can spend more time together as I'll be with you from dusk to dawn." He smiled back at her.

"I doubt that soon I'll be married to someone and extend our kingdom." She said with a continuous smile.

He suppressed his laugh and spoke. "I pray for the day to come soon."

Their conversation was interrupted when the first queen called Leserli and introduced her to a prince of the other kingdom of the south, who ranked second. Vidarr followed her and the discussion went on pairing up the alliances. Vidarr and Leserli shared glances with each other. On hearing the conversation, the king break-in and said.

"I have a better person."



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