66 Conquering Ruby and Yang

Ruby and Gojo shared a kiss in the middle of the training grounds. Thankfully, no one was around to see Ruby rocking her hips in anticipation.

She quickly slid her hands underneath his shirt and began feeling up his abs and chest. Gojo could tell that she was horny to the extreme, she basically had heart as pupils at this very moment.

However, despite having her hands all up his shirt, it didn't come off. This was because Gojo didn't want his back dirty. Otherwise, he'd have to shower before fucking Ruby when they get back.

She soon followed up with something that surprised Gojo. She disconnected the kiss and forced herself into the shirt that he wore. It stretched to its limits in order to contain the two but she successfully was able to share his shirt.

Ruby didn't go back to kissing, instead, she somehow got rid of her shirt and bra while still in Gojo's shirt and started caressing his front while inhaling his scent as much as she could. Her navel would be sticking out if Gojo wasn't quite a big taller than Ruby.

Nevertheless, Ruby had some decently large tits that were now Gojo's to appreciate as they slide along his chest. A smile creeped onto her face as his erection fit neatly underneath her skirt.

"I'm so drunk on you..." She whispered into his ear. Her wet panties humped against Gojo's erection through his pants and her mind became even more drunk on his scent.

'If this is Ruby on my scent... I'm gonna love seducing Blake.' Gojo grinned.

With Ruby still in his shirt. Gojo grabbed her ass, under her skirt and carried her as he stood up. She didn't move her legs, keeping them locked around his hips. He used one hand to tightly grip Ruby's ass and picked up her weapon with the other.

Gojo then teleported the two of them back to the GYRO dorm.

"So soon?" Yang was surprised.

Without responding, Ruby pulled off her skirt and wet panties. Revealing her damp pussy and fat ass. Her juicy pussy stunk up the room immediately, filling the room with the scent of a horny Ruby.

Without delay, Yoruichi stripped Gojo from his pants and boxers as well.

Ruby became even more horny after feeling Gojo's massive cock against her pussy and ass.

Without any hesitation, she slid his cock into her pussy. Her heart-filled eyes rolled back into her head and her love juices instantly covered his cock.

While still in his shirt, she used her limited mobility to slid up and down the object of her desire.

Watching this, Yang grinned. She got behind her horny sister and licked Gojo's cock. Her tongue went from his balls to her sister's pussy, repeatedly.

Desperation was evident in Ruby's face as she realized that she couldn't move her hips as much as she wanted. Thankfully, Rumi crawled over and ripped his shirt to shreds.

'She really takes after Ghislaine.' Gojo thought to himself.

Feeling her constraints were alleviated, Ruby used every muscle in her body to take Gojo's dick as ferociously and quickly as possible. Of course, Ruby's cum had long since overflowed, dripping down his saft, requiring Yang to lick it up. But even then, a large majority of it dripped off his balls and onto the sheets.

Without warning, Yang stopped licking and let Yoruichi have a go. Gojo then watched as she went to the front door, seeing it slightly ajar.

Due to how fast everything was happening, he didn't pay attention to his Six Eyes. However, now that he was, he saw Weiss talking to Yang.

"I told you." She smiled. Yang previously told Weiss that she should come here on Monday, but unfortunately, Ruby wasn't ready. Therefore, when Ruby got teleported here by Gojo and they got ready to fuck, she texted Weiss to come over.

Yang left the door slightly ajar as she went back and joined the mini-orgy that was starting. Yoruichi, was licking Gojo's shaft, as well as Ruby's bottom two holes. Thankfully, Ruby had gotten taught by Yang on how to prep herself for anal, or it would be a totally different experience for both of them.

Rumi took her seat on Gojo's face as Ruby lost her mind with his cock.

Yang re-entered to sit on Gojo's chest and make out with her sister who was doing a magnificent job taking their boyfriend's dick.

All in all, Weiss was cumming as often as Ruby. She wasn't able to access porn her whole life because of her family's strict scroll restrictions, so she was especially weak to watching her friends getting fucked by someone even she could deem attractive.

If Rumi and Yoruichi couldn't hear Yang's words directed at Weiss, then they definitely heard her moans as she pleased herself with her fingers. Funnily enough, everyone in the orgy other than Ruby knew of Weiss' presence but she only knew that Yang knew. If Weiss had known that her moans were so loud, she would've walked away long ago.

Regardless, Ruby's moans continued to fill the room as her hips greedily devoured Gojo and her juices were happily slurped up by Yoruichi.

Unfortunately, it wasn't too long until Gojo came directly into the deepest depths of Ruby's womb.

As he came inside, Ruby hugged him as hard as possible to ensure that a drop wouldn't escape.

Seeing Ruby get creampied, Weiss felt two orgasms attack her delicate pussy at once. The sounds of pleasure filled the empty wing of empty dorms because of Weiss.

Yang was excited to get her turn, she carried her sister off of the cum-covered cock of Gojo and happily allowed Yoruichi to clean it so she could get a turn.

However, to her dismay, Ruby stole his cock and inserted it into her virgin ass. Her hips once again started to move as her asshole struggled to contain his full size. Yang was quite obviously upset. Gojo pulled her onto his chest and grabbed both her as and one of her breasts.

"Soon." He spoke. Rumi then shut him up with her dripping pink pussy and gorgeous chocolate ass.

Thankfully for Yang, Ruby's ass was much tighter than expected. Gojo soon filled her second hole and was able to accommodate Yang.

It also helped that Ruby was peacefully sleeping on Gojo shoulder after getting filled to the brim. Yang happily inserted his cock into her depths. She didn't even wait for Yoruichi to clean it, she'd get creampied anyway and she didn't want Yoruichi to steal it as Ruby had done.

Good thing she did, because Yoruichi was planning to. Rumi and Yoruichi changed positions as Yang got penetrated.

"Mnnnn. Where have you been my whole life?" She laughed while waiting for her body to adjust to his size.

After a few seconds, her hips began moving. It wasn't as fast or ferocious as Ruby. Yang focused on pleasing Gojo as much as possible while Ruby was desperate to milk him as fast as physically possible.

While enjoying the full length of his cock, Yang also directed both of his hands to her ass cheeks. He spread them and allowed Rumi to penetrate it with her tongue for a bit later.

Weiss couldn't help but be envious when Yang's expression went from anticipation to absolute joy and satisfaction. She had no clue how good it felt, but it was definitely something she wanted to enjoy. Once again, her pussy juices fell all over the floor boards outside of their door.

Rumi and Yoruichi waited an agonizing hour as Yang stole two loads of Gojo's. One to fill her womb and the other to fill her ass.

Finally, the other two got their turn. They presented their behinds to him in order to be penetrated at whatever order he wanted.

That night, all 4 of the girls enjoyed cream pies, Gojo enjoying filling them and Weiss masturbated in agony, wanting more than her fingers.

The next morning, Gojo woke up to a familiar feeling, Ruby happily accepted to hide his cock in her as he slept. As a result of him fucking Salem senseless last night, he came while sleeping.

The girls were awake to see Ruby getting filled to the brim once again by Gojo. She tried not to show it, but her twitching lips and pupils gradually turning into hearts, it was obvious what was happening under the sheets.

To get prepared for the day ahead, they all went for a shower. That was when Ruby and Yang discovered a huge problem. They could hardly move their lower bodies.

It was one thing to lose their virginity. It was one thing to lose their anal virginity. It was one thing to lose their virginity so ferociously. It was a whole other thing to lose their virginity to the biggest cock this world has to offer.

The two of them were able to wash themselves, but weren't battle-ready. Yoruichi and Rumi went to class to notify all relevant teachers as Yang and Ruby happily hugged Gojo as they looked through 'ScrollTube' together.

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