1 Why Are The Year Three Students So Unrepentant When They Slept in Class?

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Was there a God in this world?

Was there any beings that transcend the worldly in this world?

Am I mentally ill?

These were the three questions that Yan Chong had been thinking about recently.

Earth, 2030, China.

It was April, and the spring breeze blew gently. The coldness receded slightly, and two yellow orioles chirped.

In a classroom in Jiangdong City's First High School, Year Three (Two) Class.

Bang! A piece of chalk landed accurately on the head of a boy who was sleeping on the table.

Yan Chong suddenly raised his head and rubbed his sleepy eyes. He looked blankly at the podium and yawned uncontrollably.

On the podium stood a middle-aged woman dressed in casual clothes. Her figure was slightly plump, and the corners of her eyes were filled with wrinkles. Her hair around her temples were slightly gray, and she wore old-fashioned black-framed glasses. At this moment, her face was filled with disappointment and pain.

"Yan Chong, if you don't want to listen to my lecture, stand outside! Don't stay in the classroom and be an eyesore!"

Following the lion's roar, Yan Chong immediately came back to his senses and walked out of the classroom with an expressionless face.

"This fellow is openly sleeping in class again. I, Wu Yanzu of the First High School, are convinced!"

"What's wrong with Yan Chong? He's been acting like he has nothing to lose since his senior year."

"Did he masturbate too much at night? He even dared to sleep in the form teacher's class."

"Do you think he's secretly studying at home, sleeping in class during the day, then pretending to play dumb, and being ruthless during exams?"

"Are you kidding me? His grades have been dropping. Have you read too many novels?"

"You don't say. Recently, I read a very good novel called 'Advertising Rent'."

The classroom was filled with whispers.

"Students." The form teacher, Zhang Yuqing, who the students were talking about, used her textbook to pat the podium. She spoke earnestly, "There are less than two months left until the college entrance examination. Ten years have passed, and the time for the final decisive battle is about to arrive. Everyone, you must not give up on yourself. In the next few years, whether or not you can play games in the big cities with fast internet speed will depend on this wave!"

Immediately, the audience burst into laughter.

"I don't know what Yan Chong is thinking. Anyway, you didn't study all these years for me or your parents. You studied for yourselves. When you reach university, you can play however you want. You can fall in love when you want to. But in the next few days, roll up your sleeves and give it a try!

"I hope that everyone can learn from Yan Chong's example!" Zhang Yuqing waved her arms, which were holding onto a book. Coupled with her slightly plump figure, she looked somewhat comical. After she impassionedly fed the students a few bowls of chicken soup, she continued her lecture.

She smiled bitterly in her heart. Yan Chong, this child, had always been a good student in Year One and Year Two. He could be said to be an all-rounded student. However, since his third year in high school, his grades had suddenly dropped drastically. He often slept in class and did not hand in his homework. As the form teacher, she had tried to talk to Yan Chong many times, but it was to no avail.

What made her even more helpless was that Yan Chong's parents were not at home due to work reasons and no one could control him. Hence, she could only give up.

Outside the classroom, a cool breeze blew through the corridor, making one feel less sleepy.

Yan Chong leaned against the wall and started thinking about the three questions again.

As a young man of the new era, although he would read online literature from time to time, his ten years of quality education and rational thinking told him that most of the stories were fabricated by the authors. There might be some things in reality that science couldn't explain, but it was just that science hadn't developed to that extent yet.

For example, Yan Chong had the same strange dream since his third year of high school.

As a Year Three dog, he had always lived a rather regular life. He slept on the dot and had a certain level of physical training every day. His body was also very healthy. He did not have any bad habits like staying up late at night, drinking, or smoking.

After all, he was just a child.

Perhaps he was suffering from the handsomeness and excellence that he shouldn't have at his age. Thus, in order to balance the resentment of those losers, the Heavens deliberately used something on him.

Although it was a strange dream, it was not a nightmare. Other than him dreaming it repeatedly, it was not a big deal. Of course, he recently felt that his eyesight had become blurry and his memory had deteriorated. He was also easily sleepy. This was probably a side effect.

Being a cautious person, he went to the hospital in the city for a checkup after having the strange dream five times in a row. From head to toe, from the outside to the inside, there were all kinds of high-tech equipment checks and a bunch of professional terminology results. In the end, the doctor told him that there was no problem at all.

He even went to the psychiatric department. After the checkup, he didn't have any mental illness or personality disorder.

Yan Chong came to a conclusion. Firstly, he had contracted a strange disease. It was the first case in the entire world and it might not be curable. Secondly, he had encountered supernatural phenomena. It was possible that some supernatural beings had possessed him.

Yan Chong deliberately ignored the first possibility. After all, he was not someone who was used to turning himself into a depressed person. Thus, Yan Chong could not help but let his imagination run wild.

Was there a God in this world?

Was there any beings that transcend the worldly in this world?

Did I read too many novels?


Five minutes after the bell rang, Zhang Yuqing walked out with her lesson plan in hand. She cast a deep glance at Yan Chong who was leaning against the wall. After receiving no response, she shook her head and left.

Yan Chong returned to the classroom expressionlessly. He sat down and opened his math textbook.

Although he had fallen asleep during math class, he still wanted to learn. It wasn't that he was fond of studying, but the college entrance examination was coming soon. As a third-year student, Yan Chong hoped to get into a good university.

Although he felt that his brain was like a rusty machine recently, and every circulation was extremely difficult, he still did not give up on treatment. He might not be able to resist falling asleep at any time, so every waking moment was precious to him.

The students were chatting and farting in the classroom, but no one came over. Yan Chong was a person who did not like to talk, so he did not interact much with his classmates. Ever since he "degenerated" in his third year of high school, his cold aura had become stronger, and he had unknowingly rejected many students.

However, the strange thing was that Yan Chong did not fall asleep during the next lesson. It was as though the burden on his shoulders had left him, and he felt much more relaxed.

One must know that on average, he would fall asleep three to four times a day in class. Occasionally, he would also have that strange dream. But today, he only fell asleep once during Zhang Yuqing's math class. After that, nothing happened at all.

Moreover, he discovered that his eyesight seemed to have recovered as well. No, it has improved quite a bit.

On the podium, the physics teacher was wearing a white cotton shirt. Every line on the shirt could be seen clearly. On his gold-framed glasses, there was a faint scratch on the rim. Two strands of nose hair stuck out from the teacher's nostrils.

Oh yeah, Yan Chong was 1.83 meters tall and was sitting six to seven meters away from the podium.

The entire world seemed to have become much more vivid. He could actually hear the whispers of the students in front and behind him clearly.

What's going on? This reminds him of Peter Parker from Spiderman. Yan Chong subconsciously looked at his hands. Hmm, fair, slender, strong. Not bad, not bad. But there were no barbs on his hands.

At this moment, a few lines of text appeared before him.

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