I heaved a sigh and tried to gasps for air, the rain swept across my face, I didn't know where to run to in the dark with the little child wrapped around me, but I kept hearing strange echos in my head directing me on which part to go. I close my eyes and blurry visions appeared, I could hear their voices coming closer. The child shivered in the cold even though we both wore a raincoat. I began to run again with all the energy I had. I could save a life if I wanted to, and this could be the last time. The sound of a gunshot could be heard, and I knew they were really close now. Luckily for us, I found a tree trunk on the ground and I crawled inside with the child.

"I'm scared" he suddenly muttered in my ears. He was shaking vigorously and sneezing also. Although, the rain had subsided as it was trickling slowly and thanks to this trunk which was a shield to us. I held his cheeks and tried to tell him something motivational, but rather tears flowed from my eyes.

"We will make it" I whispered with a fake smile, wipe my tears and dipped my hands into my pocket to bring out my phone which was soaked in the rain, certainly there was no miracle about it coming back to life again, were we going to survive it? That question rang in my mind. The child held on to my clothe tightly, for some reasons, I believed he just trusted me blindly and that trust gave me a chance to strive for us both. I couldn't hear gunshots any longer, and I imagined they had gone. I placed the child by my side as we both crawled out. I tried to picture where we could be, but I felt dizzy and almost stumbled. Why was I suddenly weak and my sight getting blurry, neither could I hear a sound clearly? When we got out, I picked the child up and wrapped him with my arms, and he rested his head on my shoulder. I have already assured his safety and had to fulfill that. As l was about to take a step, I felt someone touch me on my shoulder and when I turned to look, it was him pointing a gun at my forehead. I couldn't move as tears suddenly gushed out of my eyes. My heart pounced fast not for the child but something else. I stepped backward, and he threatened to shot me, it was so quick, where they waiting for us to get back. He cracked the gun and gave a wry smile, I stared at him with disbelief and hurt in my chest, that smile rekindled memories. There were a lot of questions I wanted to ask, but my tears covered it all. I couldn't say a word, and a loud sound was heard. The child in my hands shuddered, while I felt a sharp pain at my left shoulder. I could feel the blood dripping off from that side. I stood mute trying to struggle for air as the pain was rapid, the child raise his head slowly and stared at me. Furthermore, I didn't know where I was getting that energy from to stand, and I felt I could survive. I tried to say a word, but I was numb. He smiled at me again and aimed at my forehead. I had lost energy now, and I feel to my knees while the child slide off from my grip. The only word that escaped my lips was.


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