Extraordinary Famous Actress is a Villainess

Author: unique2bliss
Contemporary Romance
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What is Extraordinary Famous Actress is a Villainess

Read ‘Extraordinary Famous Actress is a Villainess’ Online for Free, written by the author unique2bliss, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering REINCARNATION Fiction, COMEDY Light Novel, REVENGE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: After years of slaving away for her mother and sister, Yu xiao yan is slapped back to her sense by her sister scheme whi...


After years of slaving away for her mother and sister, Yu xiao yan is slapped back to her sense by her sister scheme which not only got her insulted by the whole world but also made her lose her fiancee. "you're such a horrible child! you have no filial piety, why can't you be like your sister who doesn't bring shame to our family" Devastated by the shame and scorns she leaves home yet her absence doesn't bother her family but now she's back! what Filial piety? what family? Hmph! she's back to slap them all in their faces, didn't they like to disgrace her?, she'll show them what disgrace actually mean! ' would be Famous! not just famous but Extraordinarily Famous!' 'They call me a Villain?...well then I would be a Villainess' "Baby don't worry I cut them all down for your sake!" a stranger man said. "who are you?" she asked confused. "I'm your man!"

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