EXTORTIONER - folklore Book

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EXTORTIONER - folklore


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Selene's path leads her to interact with mysterious humans and vampires. At the age of 23, she gets transformed into a vampire. Further, her journey takes a U-turn, when she meets a witch and becomes one of them. A crystal bracelet takes her to the parallel world. She travels back and forth towards both worlds. In the meantime, Blight rain affects people with hallucinations and paranormal activities. Will Selene find a cure? Before the Blight rain comes to an end, she gets to know about mass murders happening in her world. How will Selene be able to find the cause of those murders? Selene gets a chance to ascend to Ceres, and becomes the royal heir to protect the Earth. On her walk to a park, she touches a magical book and becomes a triling. Now what is Selene??? A Tri-ling! A vampire, elf & fairy... Have a read to discover the fantasy realm.


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