Exploring the Wilderness: Activating Proficiency in All Professions Book

novel - Magical Realism

Exploring the Wilderness: Activating Proficiency in All Professions

September Salmon

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David is reincarnated into a parallel world and becomes a participant in a survival reality show called “Global Survival Adventure”. The show is broadcasted live worldwide and has countless fans. Facing other participants, such as retired veterans who served in the Special Forces or experts in wilderness survival, David doesn't stand a chance to win in the show with his ordinary high school experience—not to mention that there are many beasts and other dangers lurking in the wild. Thankfully, he activates the Island Survival Support System. Whenever he needs to, he would receive the occupational skill required to overcome the problem. Right after he lands on the deadly island, he unlocks the top Fishing Skill. While others are still worrying about food, he has secured more than enough fish for himself. When he needs accommodation, he unlocks the Construction Skill. While others are still building basic shelters with leaves, he is already living in a wooden mansion. When he encounters a Spectral Dragon, he unlocks the top Huntsman Skill. He even kills a man-eating earthworm which is believed to have gone extinct. He also unlocks skills related to adventurers and archaeologists. He discovers lost civilizations such as Atlantis and Avalon. His discoveries shock the world, leading the audience to wonder: “Are you sure that the Host is not God?” “Is this A Bite of Wilderness?” “What kind of boss-level figure is the host? He has so many hidden identities!” In the eyes of the global audience, David is the strongest human and the person who reveals all the historical sites!