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Experiment B106


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After escaping and finally being free, Alex has decided to bring the lab down, so no one has to go through what he did. How? kill the board. Simple enough. But how do You kill them without being captured again? How do you keep your family, the people you managed to save from the lab, safe? this is just a idea i got while laying in bed and wanted to make this a webtoon but i'm a quiet a slow artist so it'll take time and well I'm also very impatient. so I decided to publish the script (?) writing here :) while i draw this out. Do note this story has alot of triggering moments and I'm not a writer, as in I can write stories but don't know how to express alot of things, main reason I plan to make this a webtoon so i can show it instead of putting into words. have fun if u decide to try it out. I'm always open to questions. Warnings: abuse anxiety trauma mental breakdowns and more psychological stuff


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