Exodus: The Assassin's Path
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Exodus: The Assassin's Path


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What is Exodus: The Assassin's Path

Exodus: The Assassin's Path is a popular web novel written by the author BotwaCazador, covering HAREM, Video Games genres. It's viewed by 1.3M readers with an average rating of 4.75/5 and 63 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 94 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"Log-On Tap." TAP Interface Acquired. Synchronizing character data..... Welcome Back Q, find your path! A secret Assassin class hidden deep, passed down to him from a mother who loathed his existence. An unrivaled fodder racing against time to save his childhood friend. An NPC uprising with Q leading the way. This has a lot of 'Life' aspects, a sizable portion of it takes place in the real world.


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I love the storyline, pace and plot. Quinn is the kinda cool Mc every guy wants to be like. Takes care of family, loves without barriers, Is ruthless to his enemies and always gets the job done. I also loved the part where Leah reappeared. I was abit low at her death, so thanks for that Trump card. We never saw it coming. Too bad it had to end but I'll keep my eyes out for the sequel. Wonderful job author. Keep it up.


I like this one. It is a bit different from other stories, as the MC does not live for the game. In the beginning he does not even like VR games. And he really has a real life and cares for his friends/family. He is really a nice guy... if he likes you. If he does not like you, he is a real d1ck. Story is written really nice. Lots of humor, some harem elements (but not too much so far), and a really nice idea for the game. MC is probably on his way to become overpowered, but it is all explained reasonably. Or maybe it is just the game mechanics, as his friends also found ways to raise their strength rather fast... Only problem is the update speed. I NEED AT LEAST 15 CHAPTERS A DAY OF THIS!!!!


Reveal spoiler


Omg I love it ant queen and talia gets married has children holy **** yeeeeess they need more books when they actually go farther than a kiss


So I love this novel, it's definitely a fun read. With that said, this is going to be a fairly lengthy review. I'm going to go in depth for each of my reasonings so bear with me. Writing Quality: 3.5/5 The writing quality is pretty good. It's free from major grammatical errors and the flow is pretty good. That said there are quite a few things that could be done to improve the writing, most notably with formatting. Sometimes the formatting of the chapters can make them rather difficult to read. Stability of Updates: 5/5 Author updates pretty often. Several times a week and the chapters are fairly lengthy. Full marks here! Story Development: 3/5 The story starts off fairly strong. But quickly derails. The plot seems to come out of nowhere most of the time (with a notable exception being Ren) and later chapters omit a lot of what made the earlier chapters fun. The author is rewriting the novel though so I'm hopeful that this score will be improved soon. Character Design: 3/5 The characters are fun to read about. They have interesting looks and are fairly well described. Most of the main cast have something about them that makes each one fairly unique. With that being said, the characterization and character development often feels a little weird. Every single girl in the story loves Quinn. Often for no reason at all other than the fact that he's nice. Quinn himself also feels off at times. His earlier apathy about gaming is quickly replaced by a total love for the game, he is constantly flirting with everything that moves, and his interactions with various characters can feel hamfisted or unnatural at times. World Background: 3/5 The world's background is being built upon slowly, but there is very little information given. TAP itself has supposedly been around for years, and yet the game itself feels very sparsely inhabited and information about the game is practically non-existent. There's a lot of promising things especially in earlier chapters that hint towards what the world could be, but the author often declines to explore the hints he leaves. TAP itself also feels very underdeveloped. The fact that the MC was able to come in and instantly become one of the most powerful people in the game feels off for a game with such a long history. And the development of his faction also feels like it goes by in a relatively unnoticed fashion, especially for a faction created next to one of the starter towns. Overall, TAP is a great novel with a lot of promise. There are many parts that are rough around the edges, but the author is committed to improving the novel and the early chapters are a treat to read. I continue to read TAP whenever it updates, and I fully expect to be able to delete this review and make an even better one soon!


This is a well written novel that progresses through a clever and often times humorous story line. The world building is impressive and the characters are likeable and well developed. One of my favorite books here.


I rated this book initially before the rewrite, now I'm taking a second look now that the book is complete. The first edition of this book was a wild party, lots of everything but with little direction. The rewrite fixes this, adding a lot of background story and a really engaging plot. There's an underlying mystery that bubbles beneath the surface. This story has a lot of heart and keeps the reader laughing, crying and sometimes yelling.


I absolutely loved this story and cant wait for the sequel, absolutely can not wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This requirement of 140 characters is absolutely killing me


I changed my vote because i did not read the rewritten version and i admit the author changed his story for the good i am only at chapter 70 so i can say with full confidence . This story is good and gives me more joy in reading it but but stil does not come to 4 stars in my opinian As for the auther i appologize because i read youre previous work bevoure giving the rating, and did not see that is was remade and for this i say i am sorry. As for the fans FLIPP OFF I say exp even if misspeled to see if i can type it without getting anything wrong so i do not care if i get it wrong. I like what i like and hate what i hate Everytime i give a rating i specialy say if i am messing with the rating and even when i do, my vote does not go lower that 3 stars if they deserve more i do not know but i do know i that, I rate in a way as to not afffect the original rating So you can love what you read and i love what i read if i have to vote and do it seriously you know that i read the novel. The first vote was wrong witch i relized and i corrected my mistake and manned up to say the truth. As for the other fans who love this story GROW UP not everyone will love what you love the same goes for me. But i do not haze people about is because i am not as childish as you. You can mess with youre friend about what you loved or hate about the story but when you do it with strangers especialy the ones who cast their serious vote you come off as nothing but a brat who can't get people to like what they like. In conclusion this was my appoligy, reavaluation and rant . Sorry for my broken english sinds it is not my first or second language


I love this story. The author approached the VRMMO story line from a completely different direction. It has three different volumes, each progresses well and sets up the next. The third volume is currently being posted daily.


This book was a rollercoaster, but it's finally complete. It's 60 plus chapters of laughter and fun. Most of the chapters are quite large. I give this a high rating because it's a great story. The author is a student so the updates were sometimes crazy. That's not an issue now that it's done, I do believe he said there would be a sequel in a few months. I'm keeping this in my library because it's amazing. Good Read.


I really liked the whole novel. I started reading it when it was still in the first writing and after the rewrite it changed a bit. You made a great job to round the whole story and finish it . The finish wasn't rushed and complemented the whole story. The only thing i never understood was the train part. I never knew where it came from and why it was there but well it was placed good into the whole story. So all together i really enjoyed it. So keep the good work in your future works!!


I have been reading this since it first started, and even after it has changed it was great changes...keep up the hard work your doing AMAZING!!!


Overall. It is a good story but slow updates. And make sure you dont forget what happened last chapter. That is the common error of a writer. But yeah. It is good.


A very fun and enjoyable read. So far each chapter does a good job of holding your attention leaving you wanting more. In a world that firmly embraces virtual reality, here we have a story is about Quinn who seems apprehensive about joining his class in their VR game assignment. Reluctant but pressured in by his teacher he joins and completes his assignment. Enjoying his time in game he decides to comes back. Quinn finds a bit of romance, new allies and friends in both other players and mostly NPC's. This starts his adventure.


I must say, I really enjoyed reading the first 22 chapters. Lot of good characters and the story is also progressing in a nice pace. Story itself is way more awesome than what you would expect from the synopsis, so if you have some time give this book a go.


This novel sure is very confusing and MC is like a laid back character who doesn't want to involve himself in anything willingly but then hey why leave freebies and he becomes mayor just like that hope the author concentrates more on works building a little bit


So far one of the best reads I've found on here I cant wait for more, it is unfortunate that I can almost guarantee that this will become a premium novel soon, I'll end up spending all my SS on it if there are ever mass releases


The author has crafted a rich world with even richer inhabitants. In a genre growing stale and monotonous, TAP is a fresh start, for us as readers and for our protagonist.


Author (sir?/ma'am?) Thank you. I have not enjoyed a story in WN as much as I have enjoyed this. One gets used to a certain format with novels in this genre; I can say your work stands 7 cuts above the others I have seen. Thank you kindly. I rushed through all 90+ chapters in less than 48 chapters and I am gonna go back to the beginning right now. This is stellar work!


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