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What is Exiled Clan

Exiled Clan is a popular web novel written by the author Regnov, covering OVERPOWERED, IMMORTAL, ADVENTURE, CULTIVATION, ACTION, COMEDY, DEMONIC CULTIVATION, SECT-BUILDING, CLAN BUILDING, MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 310.1K readers with an average rating of 4.72/5 and 23 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 104 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Forsaking humanity to become a Demon; the test of morality is inevitable for Rudra but he will persist in the path of Cultivation to reach the peak of power; as He runs through different realms conquering Immortals and Gods. Three souls belonging to three different beings have their fates entwined. Rudra a soul belonging to the modern day earth gets transmigrated to the body of an almost dead elder of a small clan of Earth element cultivators. Rishi the original inhabitant of the old body and finally Yali a Nether Lion soul that fails to resurrect itself. Rudra with his hot headed brutish nature, Rishi being a calm and knowledgeable scholar while Yali being the ultimate representation of a mighty beast. The journey start when a incident leads to Rudra Rishi and Yali to share a single body. As they work things out the harmony of the start dissolves as their ideals clash and their goals differ from one another. Watch how these three souls with their own ideals and goals work ways to use of the shared resources to overcome the challenges that come their way. I created a Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/random_guys I'll probably be posting chapters in the making there and maybe some forward ones if I write out a lot. But don't worry, everything will be posted here normally later anyway.

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In the about two years of using this app I’ve never read anything with this just spot on character growth. I just binge read 34 chapters of it and the only reason it’s not more is because I’m waiting for it to update. I love this novel and will recommend it to anyone that’s asking for recommendations


Im not usually one to be interested in cultivation esc novels, but this story seems to be interesting enjoy ugh to overlook that. Few grammatical errors, although some parts are in need of editing, but it doesn't distract from the story as a whole


It's a nice and interesting story! There doesn't seem to be any visible grammar mistakes. The information at the beginning is helpful, as I don't normally read this kind of novels. Good effort! Keep writing! ❤️


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I must say that this is a good book to read. The characters and world-building is done pretty well, and unlike many other books that focus only on the MC without giving much thought to the other characters, this one does justice to the other characters as well. They aren't one-dimensional decorations only there to shine light on the MC's awesome or something like that. Although there are some grammatical errors and sentences here-and-there could be made better, they are still good and very readable. Though it is somewhat strange to read non-Chinese names in a Eastern-Fantasy-esk book, that's nothing to fret over. All-in-all, I would recommend you to give this one a read.


woaaahh pretty interesting book the cover was stunning by the way:) and i hope you can add more words at the introduction or Synopsis. hihi this was a kind of book i love to read. First chapter and im starting to lovee it! more power to u my fellow author :)


First of all, up till where I read, this is a good book. The character development is on point. But it suffers from a sever misuse of punctuation marks. The author, as far as I can tell, has a good grasp of English as a whole. But for some reason, he does not, I repeat, DOES NOT use punctuation marks properly. Sentences are huge but if you read closely, you would notice it is actually 2 sentences and the author just forgot to put a fullstop. Because one of the words in the middle of the sentence starts with a capital letter. There is also a total lack of proper commas. Now, I know I should not expect pro tier writting from a webnovel author. But it is just sad to see a good novel with otherwise perfect grammar horribly horribly using punctuation marks. This one thing completely killed the immersion for me. I read ahead to one of the later chapters, punctuation is still just as bad. I don't know if the author is improving his linguistic skills, but he definitely put the usage of punctuation marks into the trashcan.


Man I am surprised that this book has such less reviews . Man you deserve more I'm around ch 10 and it's awesome till here and inthe end I only have one thing to say - "Grandpa-con" Peace out.


Usually, I’m not fond of cultivation novels, but this one — readers have to give it a shot. I seriously like the idea of an old man being the cultivator. It’s fresh in the premise. Writing is good, as well. Keep up the good work.


The author made such a good story. Like others, it's good that the introduction about cultivation is placed on the very first page for the first-timers to read about cultivation novels. I remember when I first read about cultivation I struggled a bit since it has many unfamiliar terms. About the story it's well written and the affinity, Earth, is different from others. Since it contained more chapters, I'll continue reading. Good luck author!


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Hey man, It's such a wonderful story. Rudra, that character really designed well. Your creativity was amazing. I really love it. I read few chapters but it's catch my attention. I going to give full stars. I don't think stability of updating is needed to consider. So it's 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Good story so far! I enjoyed reading it. Love the cultivation and conflict. Here's my work—The Last Dragon Hunter. I'm you can drop a review of my work. Thanks!


an interesting way to spin a story using the cultivating them with funny characters and things normally not used by the general MC or just exist in the background/ is just mentioned or almost only used by villains or mobs like demonic arts and the dark side of the world in general. If you got nothing better to do and like cultivating story's then you should give this one a chance.


Different story altogether! Awesome plot!! Author has great potential!! Would like to read many more chapters in the future!! Cheer up author!!! Job well done! Happy writing!!


The story so far is a nice read with no annoying character moments that go on for ages. The author seems to be a creative person but also ask the fans for what they want to see happening. When it comes to this story it is a nice read making me want more.


Reading the early chapters I could attest that the story is good and has potential. When it comes to grammar and structure it is well-written. The story is also unique in a way that the MCs soul was transferred to a grandpa... looking forward on how the MC would bring glory on his clan as he cultivates his power. Give it a try dear readers and find out yourself how fun and enjoyable this story is.


Nice story. Indian mythology and names. Cultivation world with rishi-munis. Now thatbis one hell of an interesting premise. also makes sense of how some rishis became so powerful just by 'meditating' that even minor gods feared getting cursed by them. Also old man isekai is one hell of an interesting plot. Nice story and awesome potential.


Old man isekai is a very creative idea, I really like how the story is going so far, a few grammatical errors but it dosen't affect the enjoyment you get from reading the story. Good story, would definitely recommend it especially if you like isekai


Good write. Different concept from repetitive Chinese genre. It is good but not the best. Please try to improve some more. Thankyou for the meal.


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