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"No mother, I want to go with Nick" Desiree cried out for the 45th time as she watched her brother prepare for the party.

She had always wanted to go to one of those parties, where she would meet socialites and finally find her fairy tale true love but here was her parents trying to stop her.

She wailed even more when she saw her brother fully prepared to leave. That was when her dad finally came to her rescue.

"Leave her be" Mr Le grande said

"I never wanted Nick to go to that party anyway, but since he insisted, he should go with his sister" he continued.

"But Fred, Desiree is just six, she couldn't possibly associate with those kind of people, she's way out of their league, they are going to look down on her" Mrs Le grande whined whilst grabbing her husband's arm possesively like a three year old.

"it's either Nick goes with Desi or they both stay at home and that's final", he said and left the leaving room without turning back.

Left with nothing else to say Mrs Le grande turned to look at her son, and said "just abide by your father's wishes" she walked away angrily. She was going to punish her husband tonight, he dared to refuse her in front of the children, humph!! She won't sleep in the same bed with him tonight. He would have to beg her, she slammed the door as she entered the inner room.

Immediately they heard the door slam. The two siblings who had been putting on a show, one acting headstrong and the other acting like a white lotus, burst into laughter. Their plan had worked.

"Alright little princess, you need to get yourself all dolled up or we are going to be late for the party" Nick said.

"what am I going to wear" Little Desi exclaimed as she dragged her brother into her room.

"put on the black gown" he said

"No!" Desi refuted angrily.

"Michael won't look at me a bit if I show up in that, men don't like black" she added once more and sighed in frustration. She felt really bad for him.

"Nick when will you ever get out of your cocoon and reason like the 21st century men"

Nick laughed as he looked at the tiny thing that had lectured him.

"how can you be crushing on an 18 year old, when you are just six, he's not going to like you".

"Since he managed to like a dumb head like you to the point of being his best friend, then he's definitely going to like me because a dozens of you can't be compared to a one of me" she said. But Nick wasn't going to leave her just yet.

"He has a girlfriend" Nick said

"I know" Desi replied

"she's the girlfriend but I'm the wife" she said with a smirk

"Now give me some privacy I need to get pretty" she said as she pulled a bag of makeup closer to her

Nick who had just gone out of the room speechless knew that one thing was for sure

'this little sister of his is evil!

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