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What is Exalted Warlock

Exalted Warlock is a popular web novel written by the author Abdirah101, covering HIDDENGEM, WEAKTOSTRONG, LITRPG, HIGHFANTASY, WORLDBUILDING, WARANDMILITARY, STRATEGY, GRIMDARK, MYTHSANDLEGENDS, RULINGCLASS, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 274.6K readers with an average rating of 4.45/5 and 25 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 50 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


​Exalted Warlock is about a young man who you dies and passes into a different body in a whole nother planet. This is his tale about adventure, mystery, horror, magic, excitement, struggle, love, danger, and so much more. Follow Magnus Clade as he makes his way through Pandora: a world part of a much greater stage. -------------------------------------------------- 3 chapter (3,000+ words a chapter) a week. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! - Please be advised this is a SLOW burn, therefore if you do not like novels that go at a leisurely pace, then do not complain later. I have stated it right here, and right now. - I am always editing and looking for ways to improve the novel and make it better. Therefore if you have any pointers or advice, please do share. - Also, constructive criticism and feedback are always welcomed! -------------------------------------------------- Advance Chapters: https://www.patreon.com/Abdirah - Cup of Coffee: https://ko-fi.com/Abdirah - Communication: https://discord.gg/4SRPMpg

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Wow, this is an excellent piece of work! I must say this deserves to go down as a literary giant. Jokes aside, this is my work; hence by the powers vested in me, I give this a 5 out 5.


All I can say is that this work is definitely staying in my library. The world-building and the descriptions are so vivid that I can picture them in my mind's eye and that makes for a good read.


First of all I don't know why it didn't get that much exposure, this is truly an intriguing thing to read. It gives you an impression of Pandora's box then it seems Norse mythology, after that another thing, accompanying other. One can get the whole thing pictured in mind, while reading your mind runs through every word, and can imagine the vivid portrayal. Author has keen observation with minor details and has a good spice of vocabulary ❤ Just try this out gem and I hope author gets exposure with this one. (☆_☆)


It's really a good novel, I have read into it and I can say it has really good story of idea. The characters and the the starting with the tree 'universe' was a bomb idea.I feel it will be good as the time goes so give it a try!


You're the first person I've given 5 stars, That's saying allot because I'm actually related to someone on here and didn't give them that. First, I'm a huge fan of the tales series, so ANYTHING about a world tree,Yggdrasial anything you got me. You keep this up bud I'm ready to get deeply involved in this one.


great start, it looks like it is going to be a good ride. I like all these details, you really bring the characters to life. I really can't wait for you to get into the magic. Keep up the good work.


Reveal spoiler


A hidden gem of a novel. I believe this is something that can be a diamond with enough polishing and yet it is so rare/hidden enough that not many people know about it. I hope this gets more exposure as this is a really good novel


I agree with the others you do write well but you have a big propblem with repitition i have it to in my work since i keep repeating the same word like massive to describe something all the time. Also the way you portrayed the the world tree was wrong in my opinion when you were describeing it you contradicted yourself plus something as widly known as the world tree does not need that much description just be Vague and ket the readers mind run wild. I was able to tell exactly what you were trying to do in 2 sentences. When describing godly beings i suggest the same tactic unless you got a clear description without having to repeat the same word to describe them. Besides that good job


Awesome story please don't drop this Author it's so good. If you do, kehehehe, I do not have to say what will happen auther~sama. That's all I want to say and make sure to mass release. Hahaha!


Just read through it in one sitting and not bad so far. A promising start I'm excited for more updates. I enjoy the world and feel immersed in it despite not knowing much about it. I like the feeling of discovery.


My review after 14 chapters is it’s pretty interesting. The first arc is kind of an introduction to how he gets where he is, his personality, and gives him more backstory than most novels do which I think is pretty important. The chapters are pretty long and the differences between the worlds is interesting. I think if you enjoyed warlock of the magus world you will like this as well. Keep at it!


Use of the english grammar is neatly done. The characters are well written. They are not projected unnecessarily and they fitted their roles. The storyline is progressing well, right from the introduction without deviating from the plot. The created world is also of in-depth quality. Well done, writer.


Conflicted and frustrated young genius from future Earth find himself in the body of the orphan. In the medival (western style) world. Soon he discovered that his knowledge of technology is useless in the world where might is right. Slowly he starts to unravel the mystery of this new life. Apart from torturously slow release, this novel characters seems real and thinking, world is detailed and logical. Author hinted really epic tale comparable in size and plot to epic-ness of "Warlock of the Magus..." Recommend for all. Good job author! Keep writing!


A great work with a promising start I'm excited about more updates. I enjoy the world and felt like reading about the beginning of everything from nothing a great concept which made me immersed in it wanting for more.


A great story with plenty of twists and turns! Really thrilling to read, and incredibly imaginative. It amazes me how the author was able to create something so fantastical with just their mind! Definitely looking forward to reading even deeper into the world of 'Exalted Warlock'


Such a stupid author and stupid novel. The grammar is just so-so, and the plot is super confusing. It's not well thought. And there's nothing unique about. In short this is just a waste of time. Better not read this.


Hahahaha! You said you wanted a review swap, so I'll go ahead and give yours a review! Allow me to be prank, but when I saw World Tree, the first thing that came in my mind is the World Tree from SAO!😂😂😂 Okay, I can't judge you at the grammar section since I'm bad at it, but I can at least give you my honest thoughts. The story is nice and the adventure is pretty interesting. I enjoyed the world that you portrayed. The dust disease piqued my interest too. That's all I want to say! Thank you for reading!


Honest Review The author wasn't kidding about this being a slow build... The Good: A nice slow build gives the author plenty of time to flesh out a lot of details and focus on world-building. The characters feel very unique and the author does a great job of bringing them to life. The Bad: Walking a fine line between slow build up and boring build up. Might just be me though as I found myself losing focus on the story. Overall, the writing quality is acceptable, but the excessive use of commas and the occasional typo/grammatical mistake is very distracting. The Neutral: I personally have a hard time following this one. I do enjoy a slower story at times, but it also feels like the story was intentionally slowed down at some spots. This isn't good or bad, just what the story made me feel.


This novel reminds me of the Warlock in the Magus World, or at least draws inspiration from there. Characters are interesting and the banter between Magnus and Codex is quite fun to read. The negative side is the grammar and could use a lot of polishing to say the least. Updates even though unstable at first seem to catch up recently. And the chapters are huge so I feel like that is a good compensation. Overall I can see this novel succeed if it gets proofread.


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