17 Your Happiness is the Most Important Thing

Mrs. Lu didn't ask anything and just said, "There are so many people who will like you and you'll also like. Sadness is temporary. Happiness is the most important thing.

Lu Yao gasped and breathed in.

"Shao Yunchen would definitely come here, but I don't want to see him. Just give him the divorce papers and let him sign it."

"I know."

Lu Yao called and asked Dongnan politely if she could stay at his place. Xiang Dongnan didn't ask anything and gave the password to her. Lu Yao took Tian Tian and leave Mrs. Lu.

The next afternoon, Shao Yunchen drove back from Jincheng and went directly to Mrs. Lu's house.

Mrs. Lu opened the door and saw his pale face. "What's the matter?"

"Mom, is Yao Yao here?" Shao Yunchen asked calmly, but his heart was enraged.

After he returned to the company yesterday, he discovered that Yinxin's representative was Lu Yao. She left the ring in his office and left. He called her, but she cried and said she wanted a divorce. She was determined.

He was stopped by several meetings and did not return by plane until this afternoon.

"She's not here, but she left something."

Mrs. Lu went inside, and Shao Yunchen took the opportunity to inspect the house. When he found that Lu Yao was not really there, he felt even more frustrated.

Mrs. Lu took out a document and handed it to Shao Yunchen.

Shao Yunchen saw the words above it and his face became more dreadful. "Mom, I don't want to divorce Yao Yao."

"But she wants to divorce you." Mrs. Lu said. "Shao Yunchen, my family has never treated you badly, and Yao Yao's heart and soul was you, but you made it difficult for her and you can't do anything about it."

"I know. I was busy with work. I told her...."

Mrs. Lu interrupted him, "You're busy with work? Shao Yunchen, have you loved my daughter?"

Shao Yunchen just stood there and didn't say anything.

Seeing that, Mrs. Lu's tone became more serious. "Shao Yunchen, my daughter is a woman. She will age and have children. She's not getting any younger. If you have a little conscience, just let her go."

Mr. Lu shoved the divorce paper to Shao Yunchen and kicked him out.

Shao Yunchen held the divorce paper and stood outside the door.

Didn't he tell Lu Yao to wait for him to come back from a business trip and discuss the divorce?

Why did Lu Yao decisively break off the relationship between them in an instant?

Shao Yunchen didn't know why, but he became more and more irritated. He thought about where she works and drove over there, only to find out that Lu Yao applied for leave a long time ago. It seemed that she would not show up without signing the divorce.

After being rejected twice, Shao Yunchen was completely angry and tore the divorce paper.

Why did Lu Yao said that she wants to get married, and now she wants to divorce him, and he must sign the divorce paper. Has she asked his opinion?

He must find Lu Yao and ask her clearly!

In the past few days, Lu Yao has been staying at Xiang Dongnan's house. She stays with Tian Tian and doesn't go anywhere.

Mrs. Lu called and said that Shao Yunchen rushed back from Jincheng the day after she left. She looked for her everywhere and even went to the company she works at.

Before marriage, she and Shao Yunchen were like people in two different worlds. Their life paths were parallel. They've only met once a week, and now that they were getting divorced, he looked for her everywhere. It was ironic.

"Mom, don't open the door if he goes back." Lu Yao said calmly and went to the hospital to arrange for an abortion.

If she couldn't give the child a complete home, she would rather not.

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Lu Yao contacted her lawyer and drove to the prison and visit her father.

After waiting for a long time, Lu Yao finally saw her father being escorted by two policemen into the communication room.

Mr. Lu didn't seem to be doing well these few months. Half of his hair had turned white. His back was a little hunched, and when he saw Lu Yao, his face showed an endless amount of guilt.

Lu Yao's eyes were a little sore. She pointed to the phone and waited for Mr. Lu to pick it up before saying, "I brought something, I'll ask someone to send it to you later. The verdict is out."

Mr. Lu grabbed the phone not knowing what to say, "Yao Yao, I'm sorry."

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