6 Xiang Dongnan

It didn't take long for the other representative to come.

The representative is French, but his assistant and the other bosses were not. Lu Yao thought that the tall guy was a bit familiar, but she didn't know where she had met him.

The guy recognized her and screeched with a smile, "YaoYao!"

Looking at his warm and smiling eyes, Lu Yao finally remembered him.

Xiang Dongnan was a student of her father before. He also worked in the court. The two of them were students, but Xiang Dongnan moved to Switzerland because of their family business and he never returned.

"Dongnan." Lu Yao also smiled at him.

Because it's a commercial negotiation they can't reminisce about the old time. They can only talk in private.

Lu Yao sat beside Mr. Chen. She's listening carefully to the other representative's speech, and then translate it to Mr. Chen. After Mr. Chen replies, she will translate it to the other representative in French.

This is a test of hearing. The language of each country is very different. There's always a slight gap in translating into another language. Lu Yao tries her best to translate concisely so both sides can understand.

In the middle of the negotiation, everyone toasts for a drink. Xiang Dongnan blocks the drinks for Lu Yao. Her cramps have not yet gone, and she has been drinking cold drinks for a while.

Xiang Dongnan looked at Lu Yao and whispered some words at the representative's ear. They only drink a little, most of them were eating vegetables. Lu Yao was sitting there feeling comfortable.

In less than an hour and a half, the negotiation basically ended smoothly. The two parties signed the contract.

Seeing that she's not needed, Lu Yao excuse herself to Mr. Chen and went to the bathroom. She wanted to smoke a cigarette, only to find out that she did not bring her bag. She washed her hands and left.

When she reached the corridor, she happened to run into Xiang Dongnan.

Lu Yao said, "Xiang Dongnan, thank you." If it wasn't for his help, maybe she was drinking and vomiting while holding a toilet.

"You're welcome." Xiang Dongnan smiled. Seeing her hand was wet, he took out a handkerchief from his pocket and handed it over to her. "Don't let your hands get wet, it's easy to catch a cold."

Lu Yao generously took the handkerchief and wipe her hands. She jokingly said, "I used to see you bring a handkerchief every time. I didn't expect you still have that habit until now."

"I'm used to it. It's for my hygiene." Xiang Dongnan followed her to the private room, and they were side by side. "I heard about your father when I came back, but I couldn't contact you with your number."

"He deserves it," Lu Yao said with no expression on her face. "Xiang Dongnan, you don't need to sympathize with him. He didn't know how to cherish his job. He was too greedy."

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Xiang Dongnan sighed, he took out a business card and handed it to her. "I heard that your father has not received his verdict yet. If there's anything you need, you can contact me. After all, I also have to thank him for the past few years."

Lu Yao hesitated but she still took the card.

When she met Xiang Dongnan, she thought about asking him to lend her some money, but two million is not a small amount. It's a bit difficult to tell him, besides her father was his teacher, which is too embarrassing.

"I'll call you if it's necessary." Lu Yao dismissed the idea of borrowing money and shifted the topic. "I heard that you got married soon after you went to Switzerland. How was it?"

"Not so good." A bitter smile appeared on Xiang Dongnan's cold and stern face. "My wife is crazy; I can't control her. At most, three men will come to our house a day. I cannot stand it and proposed a divorce."

Lu Yao did not expect his life to be like that. She didn't respond for a moment. "You're divorce? Don't you have a child? What about the child?"

"I was afraid of leaving my daughter at her disposition, so I gave her half of my property and got my daughter's custody. I brought my daughter with me when I came back and I planned to live in China for a long period of time.

Seeing Lu Yao frowning at him, he feels a little ashamed. He smiled, "Don't feel uncomfortable asking, it's not a big deal. If the couple's are not fit for each other, they'll eventually get a divorce."

Lu Yao chuckled and didn't speak.

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