1 Why did he come back?

In the middle of the night, Lu Yao seemed to be immersed in a dream. A man's heavy body is pressed against her and then she starts shrinking.

"Ugh." The pain made Lu Yao open her eyes.

She realized it was not a dream.

The man who only go home once a week was pressing on her at the moment. The warm yellow light coming from the bedside lamp hit him. His naked upper body had a clear texture, and his arms were slender and very aesthetic.

Lu Yao froze.

Isn't it Saturday today? Why did he come back?

"You're awake?" his voice was low but cold. He saw Lu Yao's eyes looking at him and it didn't stop him from what he was doing, instead, he leaned down and kiss her.

For him, sleeping with each other is not because of love, but just a business routine.

The next day, Lu Yao was awakened by the noise downstairs.

She sat up on the bed and stunned for more than ten seconds. After hearing the movements in the kitchen, she ran out of the room and saw a man's back in the kitchen.

The man was wearing casual clothes at home. He looked thin with his slim waist and long legs, but he is not as weak as last night.

Thinking about what happened with them last night, Lu Yao blushed and felt a little awkward.

What was she thinking in the morning!

Shao Yunchen prepared breakfast and came out of the kitchen. When he saw Lu Yao standing in her nightgown, he frowned, "Go and change your clothes."

"Ow, okay." Lu Yao looked down at herself, in a nightgown, with her arm and thighs exposed, without underwear, and those two points. She could not help but blushed and ran to the bedroom.

After she finished washing, Shao Yunchen sat at the table and Lu Yao sat down opposite him.

The sandwiches and fried eggs made by him looked good and the smell was hooking. Lu Yao ate the eggs with small bites. The two did not speak, and there was only the sound of the knife and fork collision on the table.

Lu Yao has become accustomed to this life.

After eating, Lu Yao took the plate to the kitchen. She accidentally kicked the door when she came out and sucked in the air.

After seeing it, Shao Yunchen took a band-aid from the cabinet and handed it to her.

"Thank you." Lu Yao knew he was always cold, but he was still a little bit warm.

When someone's wife was injured, her husband would care and ask if she was okay. He will squat down and look at her, but she and Shao Yunchen were exceptions. They're like two strangers living in one roof.

Shao Yunchen didn't speak but turned around and put on his suit.

I have to say that some men are naturally suitable for wearing suits, especially Shao Yunchen's slender figure. He, wearing a suit is particularly good-looking, and just standing there is full of aura.

"Remember to wash the dishes, don't leave them in the sink." Shao Yunchen was already wearing his leather shoes when he said that.

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Lu Yao just reacted when the door was closed.

She kept squatting there. If Shao Yunchen's actions just made her feel cold. She was invaded into her bone marrow a little bit by the chill and she just felt the coldness in her whole body.

She knew that Shao Yunchen married her because of her father's persecution, not because he really loves her.

Even when married, Shao Yunchen asked to sign a contract with her, not only before marriage but also after marriage.

As for the living expenses, both parties will pay 50% of the cost. They also cannot have children for four years.

These contracts were signed by Lu Yao. She naively thought that she could warm Shao Yunchen's, cold heart.

Unexpectedly, three years later, his attitude was still cold, and all she did was futile.

You see, from the last night to now, he only said four sentences. Sleeping with her was just a physical requirement for him. Even if he didn't wear protection, he was very restrained. It seemed that he was afraid of her becoming pregnant.

It's ridiculous to get married like her.

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