19 What's Wrong With You?

If he did not see the shoes that Lu Yao usually wore at the entrance, Shao Yunchen would have thought that he pressed the wrong doorbell.

"Boss Shao." Xiang Dongnan reached out his hand and gave Shao Yunchen a friendly smile. "We met Yue Hotel earlier. I'm Yao Yao's senior brother."

When he said that, Shao Yunchen suddenly thought of what happened before. He brought a client to Yue Hotel for a meal but met Xiang Dongnan and Lu Yao. The two of them seemed to be very intimate as they chatted and laughed. Calling him senior brother was a little strange.

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Shao Yunchen's heart was not very comfortable, but to be politeness, he shook hands with Xiang Dongnan, "Shao Yunchen."

When he saw the little girl playing on the sofa, Shao Yunchen subconsciously looked at Xiang Dongnan and thought that she was Xiang Dongnan's daughter. For some inexplicable reason, he felt slightly glad in his heart.

Mrs. Lu and Lu Yao were busy in the kitchen, hence Yunchen walked over and asked, "Do you need help?"

"No need. You're the guest. Sit in the living room.

Seeing the Lu Yao did not even turn to look at him, Shao Yunchen frowned.

He always felt that this meal was not that simple.

Very soon, a sumptuous table of dishes was prepared, and everyone sat at the dining table in succession to eat.

Lu Yao's mother pulled a chair for Xiang Dongnan. Yunchen finally understood that Xiang Dongnan was a former student of Lu Yao's father, and he's even divorced.

Lu Yao's mother seemed to like Xiang Dongnan a lot. From time to time, she would scoop food into his bowl, and doesn't even look at him. The atmosphere at the table wasn't that good, but it wasn't silent as before either.

Only after he finished eating did Lu Yao make her move.

Lu Yao placed the divorce paper in front of Shao Yunchen, his expression calm. "ShaoYunchen, I hope you can sign your name on it."

"Didn't you say that you would reconsider getting a divorce?" He just didn't expect it to be like this. "Tell me first, why did you come to my office and leave the ring behind?"

At that time, when he rushed to the office, Lu Yai had already left. Fu Xuezi pointed the ring on the table and said with difficulty, "Brother Yunchen, I said that I would take Miss Lu for a walk. Her face doesn't look good. She took off her ring and left. She asked me to tell you about it."

He had only been on a business trip for a week and had done nothing. How could she have taken off her ring so decisively?

What had gone wrong?

"You bought that ring. Since we're getting divorced, it's useless for me to keep it." Lu Yao did not want to expose those lies, it would only make things more difficult for everyone. "I hope, on the account of being married for three years, you can sign the divorce papers straight away."

Shao Yunchen's throat was burning hot and he did not give up. "Why? You said we've been married for three years."

He thought that in four years, both parties would peacefully get divorced. It was just that Lu Yao's actions caught him off guard, causing him to feel extremely unhappy.

He was unwilling to accept it. He couldn't say a thing either.

"Because I like someone else." Lu Yao shot a glance at Xiang Dongnan, and said with a gaze that was tender like water, "The person I like is willing to pay for me. He sincerely wants to marry me without any pre-marriage contracts."

Shao Yunchen saw her actions and understood everything. Thinking about how someone had helped Lu Yao's father previously, and how they ended up with all the money that they've got, Lu Yao's father was sentenced to imprisonment. His expression slowly turned grim.

"So, you borrowed two million from him?"

Seeing Lu Yao not saying a single word, Shao Yunchen laughed in anger. "Lu Yao, even though I don't say anything, it doesn't mean I didn't want to do it. I just wanted you to tell me yourself, but you went and borrowed money from an outsider, you are really amazing!"

Xiang Dongnan blocked in front of Lu Yao in time, afraid that Yunchen would take extreme actions.

"Mr. Shao, Yao Yao has already told you. I hope you can respect her and leave."

Shao Yunchen glared fiercely at Lu Yao who was behind him.

The divorced papers were crushed into a ball in his hands. Unwillingly, he unrolled and spread it out on the coffee table little by little.

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