14 Unfortunately, She’s Short of Money

Lu Yao didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

When they were getting married, Shao Yunchen was unwilling to do so without a contract. When she wanted a divorce, he was unwilling again, which really made her confused.

The next morning, Lu Yao went to the bank to withdraw the money.

The two bags were filled with 2.5 million cash, which was a bit heavy. Then, she went straight to the law firm. "Mr. Song, 2.5 million should be enough. My father's case has trouble you enough."

Mr. Song counted and was obviously relieved as well. "That's enough, as long as you pay the stolen funds. I'll do my best to defend your father when the time comes."

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"Thank you." Lu Yao didn't know what to say but thanked him repeatedly.

She really should thank her father for knowing such a good lawyer and for taking on such a case, or she would have been in trouble just to find a lawyer.


"Ms. Lu, President Ji wants you to go to his office."

Just as Lu Yao returned to the company from the law firm, the President's Office called. She had to put down her things and hurriedly go to the President's Office to find out that it was about a partnership case.

Their company had a partnership with the big investment company, Long Teng, and they agreed to negotiate next Wednesday. However, the person in charge of the negotiation has ectopic pregnancy and was currently lying in the hospital. So, they wanted to send Lu Yao there.

"I'm going? President Ji, stop joking! " Lu Yao didn't know whether to laugh or cry, "I'm just a manager, you're asking me to discuss things, aren't you pushing me into a pit of fire? I've never experience this before."

"It's fine, I'll send someone to escort you. Just follow the instructions in the contract." President Ji smiled: "I have no choice, if the company had someone more capable than you, I would not be in such a difficult situation."

Before Lu Yao could say anything, President Ji gave the offer and said, "If you go, I'll let the finance give you another 20,000 yuan for your travel expenses. I will reimburse you everything."

Offering her money to talk was vicious.

Unfortunately, she's short of money!

"President Ji, remember to ask someone to book a plane ticket for me." Lu Yao took the contract from President Ji. It was just a negotiation, at least she had heard some business words from someone else before.

20,000 was enough for her and her mother for three months.

After returning to her office, Lu Yao briefly looked at the partnership case. Out of professional habit, she searched the Long Teng Investment Company at least a hundred times.

It's an investment company developed in Jincheng four years ago and it took less than two years to grow abroad.

Lu Yao could not help but be surprised.

Four years of development, it was either a big company or has a rich family!

Lu Yao's mouse drooped down, wanting to see what rank their CEO was. The phone on the table rang, she casually grabbed it and picked it up.

"Brother Dongnan, I coincidentally want to look for you as well. I'll treat you and Tian Tian a dinner tonight."

Xiang Dongnan, who was sitting at the other end of the phone laughed: "Seems like I made a good call. All right. What time do you get off, do you want me to pick you up?"


After sending the message, she looked at the empty computer interface, causing Lu Yao's mind to not process what was happening. She muttered: "What was I doing just now? I'm getting old, my memories have degenerated!"

She couldn't remember, but Lu Yao decided to stop thinking about it and started to get herself busy with other things.

After work, Xiang Dongnan came to pick Lu Yao up and eat together in a restaurant. During this time, Lu Yao saw Tian Tian kept playing with her phone and didn't seem to talk to Xiang Dongnan too much, so Lu Yao was a little curious.

"Brother Dongnan, why is Tian Tian not saying anything?"

Xiang Dongnan patted Tian Tian's head, he smiled bitterly and said, "Tian Tian has autism."

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