20 Surprise

Shao Yunchen took a pen and signed his name under the creased documents. After putting down the pen, he calmly carried his jacket and left.

From start to finish, there was not a single word spoken.

Lu Yao could no longer hold back and buried herself in her mother's embrace and cried bitterly.

If she wanted to keep the child, she must get divorced. If she was married, then with just a word from Shao Yunchen, the child would be gone, that's why she went to Xiang Dongnan and her mother to plan a play.

But when he really signed the divorce papers, Lu Yao felt that her internal organs were all in a mess and it was extremely uncomfortable.

Shao Yunchen did not know how he got down from the building, but on the way, he saw people smoking. He walked over and paid them: "Sell me the cigarette and lighter."

Seeing that it was a hundred yuan, the other party immediately took out a cigarette case and lighter, and give it to Shao Yunchen.

Shao Yunchen lit a stick.

He didn't like the smell of smoke and could only smoke when he was forced to do business. Now, however, his heart was empty. He wanted to find something to fill the gap, so the smoke was just enough to satisfy him.

When he raised his hand, Shao Yunchen discovered the platinum ring on his finger. He pulled out a fluffy box from his pocket.

When he was on a business trip to Singapore, he passed by a jewelry store and saw those rings. When he thought about how he had bought a $30,000 diamond ring for Lu Yao when they got married, she kept it on her hand and didn't seem to have taken it off.

Perhaps wanting to make it up to something, Shao Yunchen went into the shop to contact the manager and customized a pair of rings. He got it the next day. It was all platinum, and he put it on in advance when he got it. Afraid of losing it on a business trip, he sent the other package back to China.

Originally, he wanted to return from his business trip and give Lu Yao a pleasant surprise, but he never thought that he wouldn't be able to give the ring. Lu Yao also returned the ring back to him, and even gave him such a big 'surprise'!

These few years, he had been busy with his own business. Even though he was forced to marry Lu Yao, he had never treated her unfairly ...

Thinking about what Lu Yao had just said at Mrs. Lu's home. Not knowing why the more Shao Yunchen looked at the ring, the angrier he got. Finally, he took off the platinum ring on his finger and threw it into the artificial lake along with the cashmere box.

Even if he got divorced, it would not change anything. He would still be that Shao Yunchen!

For the sake of the baby in her stomach, Lu Yao who always had an irregular diet started to pay attention to her diet. Folic acid was something she had to eat. She didn't touch any alcohol or cigarettes, and even her high heels had been replaced with flat shoes. She worked late once in a while, but not too late.


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As time passed, her belly began to show. She couldn't even wear those tight little suits, she could only wear loose clothes every day.

Lu Yao touched her round stomach through her clothes, feeling very worried.

If it's more than three months, she definitely wouldn't be able to hide it in her loose clothes. When the time came, everyone in the company would know and their boss definitely wouldn't let her continue with such a high-intensity job. However, she was afraid that her position would be replaced by someone else when she returned after giving birth.

This job of hers is worth at least tens of thousands a month. At the very least, she can afford the rental car loan, so if she were to lose it, the pressure on her would be extremely great.

"Manager Lu."

Seeing that a colleague was walking over, Lu Yao quickly put down her hand and smiled: "What's wrong?"

"President Ji has requested you to go to the conference room at 10 o'clock for a meeting." Her colleague placed the documents on Lu Yao's table, and leaned close to her and whispered: "It is said that someone from the Long Teng has come to visit. In order to receive them, President Ji has reserved all the restaurants downstairs!"

Long Teng...

Lu Yao pursed her lips. It seems like it had been more than a month since she divorced Shao Yunchen.

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