11 Shao Yunchen doesn’t love you

"Lu Yao, you can't borrow it!" Fu Xuezi was absolutely sure. "The bank won't lend you money and you don't have a house to sell. Your friends are poor. Where would you get two million? Do you think Shao Yunchen cares about your relationship? Oh, I think you are aware of it yourself. If he cares about you, he would take you to the company for his colleagues to see, you've been married for many years."

Fu Xuezi smiled and continued, "It's ridiculous to say, I have been in the company for more than a year, but everyone didn't know that Shao Yunchen was married. Isn't it funny?"

It was that simple and single sentence that ruined the barrier in Lu Yao's heart.

Funny, how couldn't it be funny?

It has been a joke since she married Shao Yunchen. There was no wedding, just a marriage certificate, and a contract. She got married just like that.

"Lu Yao, don't deceive yourself anymore." Fu Xuezi took two steps forward, looking down with an overconfident attitude, "Shao Yunchen doesn't love you, and there's more than just a gap between the two of you."

Lu Yao raised her head and look at Fu Xuezi, "When did you became together and live together?"

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Fu Xuezi was startled. She didn't expect Lu Yao to ask that question, but she didn't say anything. She was going to leave the thoughts to Lu Yao and see what she would think.

Lu Yao smiled, she understood everything. She took the cheque that Fu Xuezi was holding. She folded it and tore it relentlessly.

After tearing the cheque into pieces, she threw it at Fu Xuezi and said gently, "I will divorce Shao Yunchen, you can keep the money for yourself."

Lu Yao struck Fu Xuezi away with her shoulder and walked away.

No matter how well-educated Fu Xuezi was, she was embarrassed, and shouted at Lu Yao, "You really are ungrateful!"

Lu Yao ignored her.

After sending her mother back to her house, the lawyer called and asked if Lu Yao had raised the money. The trial would begin in a few days. Lu Yao said she will as soon as possible. She sighed and hung up.

She really regretted tearing the cheque. She and Shao Yunchen are going to divorce anyway. Is it wrong to take Fu Xuezi's two million?

Mrs. Lu asked cautiously, "Yao Yao, is the lawyer pushing you?"

"It's okay. I can fix it." Lu Yao laughed and reassured her mother. "Help me organize my clothes. I'll go out and buy food. I'll come back and cook dinner for you. Okay?"

"Yao Yao, don't overexert yourself. If there's no way, your father will be in jail for a few years at most. You are my daughter and I don't want you to suffer."

"Don't worry, Mom. I know what I'm doing."

Lu Yao comforted her mother and repeatedly promised that she would not do anything stupid.

After going out, she took out the business card from her pocket and dialed the number. "Brother Dongnan, do you have time?"

Lu Yao arrived at the café in less than ten minutes when Dongnan came.

After sitting down, he helplessly laughed. "Sorry, Tian Tian was a bit emotional. I went to the kindergarten to pick her up and there was a little traffic on the way."

"It's okay." Lu Yao glanced at the little girl. "Your daughter is cute."

Tian Tian is a little scared of strangers. She's always hiding in Dongnan's arm. She would occasionally hesitate when Dongnan asked her to say hello. She looked at Lu Yao with those round eyes.

Lu Yao looked at her with a little envy.

After marrying Shao Yunchen, every time she saw someone holding a child in their hands, she would be very envious. She would rack her brains to think of a way such as poking a hole in a condom or let Shao Yunchen get drank and get a child by accident.

Shao Yunchen was smarter than she thought. No matter how many things she would do, she couldn't fool him. He said that he would not have a child in four years.

But they will get divorced after four years.

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