18 Mom and I will wait for You to come out

I'll wait for you to come out.

"Don't say sorry to me, say sorry to mom." Lu Yao said. "She was too preoccupied with your matters and even developed insomnia. She still waits for you until now."

"I'm sorry. It was my fault." Mr. Lu said embarrassingly.

"The lawyer said that if you showed a good attitude, your sentence would be changed."

Mr. Lu nodded with tears in his eyes.

After chatting for a bit, Mr. Lu asked, "How are you and Shao Yunchen doing?"

"Not so good. We're getting a divorce." Lu Yao did not hide it from him.

Mr. Lu was startled and said guiltily, "It's my fault, if I didn't force Shao Yunchen to marry you back then, you wouldn't be unhappy now."

Lu Yao shook her head.

On the contrary, she knew that her father loves her.

At first, she only said that she likes Shao Yunchen, so Mr. Lu went straight to Shao family without a second word. Coincidentally, the Shao family had something that they needed to Mr. Lu, and this marriage was settled. Her father loves her, so no matter what she wanted, he would give it to her.

She had to thank her father because she had married Shao Yunchen, and only after knowing that he did not love her, she finally breaks off that thought in her heart.

As soon as the time for the visit was over, the prison guards started to urge him to go inside. Lu Yao reluctantly said goodbye to her father.

After leaving the prison, she took a taxi back to the city.

She didn't know if it was because she didn't rest well, but Lu Yao's chest was stuffy and even her lower abdomen was starting to ache. Then, she lost consciousness amidst the pain.

"Miss, when you're pregnant, you should rest well." Seeing that Lu Yao had woken up, the nurse couldn't help but say a few words. "You are pregnant now, and your pregnancy is not stable. If you do not rest properly, you will have a miscarriage."

From the nurse's words, Lu Yao found out that she had fainted in a taxi. It was the driver who brought her to the hospital.

Lu Yao didn't speak. She obediently let the nurse do the check-up. After the nurse said that she could leave, she put on her shoes and slowly left the hospital ward.

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People comes and go in the long corridor. Everyone had a different expression on their faces. There were happy faces and sad faces.

She saw a couple carrying their children past her. The baby was cute and tender, and the husband was playing with the baby with his fingers. His face was brimming with a happy smile. "Wife, look how much his mouth resemble yours."

His wife annoyingly slapped him, "Are you saying my mouth is big?"

"No, wife, you're the most beautiful woman in the world."

As Lu Yao watch the couple leave, she felt her heart in pain. She touched her abdomen unconsciously, there was a small life growing here, maybe in the future, she would open her eyes and look at her.

Slowly, Lu Yao used the wall to squat down to the ground and cried. "No, no, I'm sorry."

Lu Yao went back to Xiang Dongnan's home and found that he had returned, and was playing with Tian Tian.

"I'm sorry, the negotiation got delayed for two days." Having Lu Yao's help on taking care of Tian Tian, Xiang Dongnan felt very ashamed. Seeing that Lu Yao's complexion wasn't good, he couldn't help but ask, "What's wrong? Why is your face so pale?"

Lu Yao shook her head, forcing out a laugh, "Senior Brother, can you do me a favor?"


Shao Yunchen was still busy looking for Lu Yao.

It wasn't until they were searching that he realized that he did not know much about Lu Yao, he didn't know her friends. There was no result for waiting at Mrs. Lu's house and the company she works for, so he could only look around aimlessly in his car.

He didn't know why he was so agitated. He only felt that it was his turn to say that he wanted to get a divorce, and it wasn't Lu Yao's place to make him act like a unscrupulous person, as if he was bullying her.

Shao Yunchen was thinking if he should look for a hacker to find her phone's location, when suddenly a call came, he saw an unfamiliar number.

He vaguely felt that it was Lu Yao who's calling, so he anxiously picked it up. "Lu Yao?"

"It's me." Lu Yao acknowledged her presence and said calmly, "Shao Yunchen, come to my mother's place for dinner tonight."

"Alright, I'll go."

Shao Yunchen finally let out a sigh of relief.

Lu Yao called, indicating that there was still room for discussion.

However, what surprised Shao Yunchen was that the person who opened the door for him was not Mrs. Lu, nor was Lu Yao. It was a very tall man.

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