15 Long Time No See

Lu Yao froze.

From what Xiang Dongnan said, Lu Yao knew that when he was on a business trip, Tian Tian had witnessed her mother bring other men into their house. After being provoked, she was reluctant to speak, which is why he insisted on asking for the child's custody rights.

After knowing the reason, Lu Yao felt hurt for Tian Tian.

Coincidentally she's was not busy. After talking to Xiang Dongnan, she brought Tian Tian to her office and teach her how to read. Xiang Dongnan will take her back at night.

Tian Tian was a little shy at first, but after being praised by Lu Yao, she became bold and laughed with other people. The words she wrote were also beautiful. She also wrote the two words Daddy Dongnan, they were all speechless.

After Lu Yao brought Tian Tian, she was reminded by her colleague that she was going to Jincheng to discuss the contact today.

However, Xiang Dongnan went to the airport half an hour ago. He flew abroad for a business trip. Lu Yao didn't know when he would return. She was embarrassed to ask her colleagues to take care of Tian Tian, so she took her to Jincheng.

The flight from Nancheng to Jincheng was fast. It took them an hour and a half.

Long Teng sent someone to pick up Lu Yao and drove her directly to Long Teng Company.

"Ms. Lu, Mr. Shao's plane is late and I'm not sure when it will arrive. If he does not return in the afternoon, I can only offer you to stay at the hotel for one night.

"It's okay." Lu Yao smiled.

As a big investment company, of course, the office building is in the center of Jincheng, and the surrounding buildings seem to live in the shadow of the big building looking dejected without any color.

The person who brought Lu Yao answered the call halfway and seemed to be in a hurry. He entrusted her to the front desk and then left in a hurry.

Lu Yao led Tian Tian into the elevator.

There's a lot of people in the lobby. She seems to see Shao Yunchen wearing a black suit. He always gives a stern feeling, but his eyes look gentle.

He seemed to wear a platinum ring on his finger, and the light outside the window accidentally hit it, and the reflection was a bit dazzling. As the elevator closed, Lu Yao was still shivering as if her whole body was frozen.

When they were getting married, she picked a ring for him, but Shao Yunchen didn't want it, and he didn't like those things. In the end, she asked him to buy a diamond ring for her, which she cherished very much.

At this moment, Lu Yao felt that the diamond ring on her ring finger was very hot almost burned her skin.

Lu Yao asked in a soft voice, "I'm sorry is your CEO Shao Yunchen?"

"Don't you know?" The receptionist was a bit surprised, " I thought you checked our company's information when you came."

Lu Yao looked at herself through the elevator and did not say a word.

Her husband Shao Yunchen had an investment company and was even a tycoon in the investment industry. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that he was a billionaire, but she never heard from him before.

The receptionist led Lu Yao to the President's office saying, "Mr. Shao hasn't returned, but you can talk to his assistant, Fu Xuezi."

After arriving at the President's office, the receptionist opened the door.

Lu Yao stepped in with high heels and saw a shadow of a woman leaning on the desk, wearing a diamond ring on her finger and a bright smile on her face.

That ring looks the same as the worn by Shao Yunchen.

The receptionist didn't expect Fu Xuezi to be at the President's office, so she quickly bowed. "Fu Xuezi, I did not expect that you were here. This is Ms. Lu from Yingxin Company."

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"I've met her." Fu Xuezi was not surprised to see Lu Yao. She stood up and come over, "Ms. Lu, long time no see."

Lu Yao was very calm. She stretched out her hand and shook hers. She asked with a faint smile, "Did Shao Yunchen send it? It's beautiful and it suits Ms. Fu's hand pretty well."

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