12 Isn’t their Marriage Always Good?

Lu Yao thought that she was stupid. How can they have a child if her husband doesn't love her? She's lucky that her plan to get pregnant didn't succeed, otherwise, their child would not have a complete family.

"I'm afraid it's not enough, I wrote 2.5 million." Xiang Dongnan took out the cheque and gave it to Lu Yao.

Lu Yao didn't hesitate and immediately took it. After confirming, she takes out a paper and pen from her bag and wrote an IOU letter to Xiang Dongnan. "Brother Dongnan, I'll do all I can to return your money within a year."

"As far as I'm concerned, it's just a small amount of money, nothing more." Xiang Dongnan takes the IOU letter and pushed it back. He smiled and said, " Besides, he was my teacher, you can borrow this money and you don't need to pay the money right away."

"No, if you won't take the IOU, then I won't take this money." Seeing Xiang Dongnan like this, Lu Yao simply holds the cheque and pushed it back, and take a firm stand.

Xiang Dongnan without any better options gets the IOU and puts it in his pocket. "In that case, I will accept it, however, there will be no interest."

Lu Yao wanted to say something, but Xiang Dongnan suddenly said half-jokingly, "If you really feel sorry about it, how about you teach Tian Tian how to read when you are free in exchange for the interest? She somewhat doesn't want to go to kindergarten."

Lu Yao thinks deeply and agreed in a while, "Okay. I used to read awesome books before anyway."

"Indeed, the first place in the province to be admitted to B University!" Xiang Dongnan laughed afterward.

Lu Yao was grateful to Xiang Dongnan for letting her borrow the money. She wanted to ask him to have a good meal before he leaves, but Xiang Dongnan received a company's phone call and it's important for him to take a look. "Let's have a meal next time, Okay? There's nothing I can do this time."

"It's all right. You're busy. You should go now." Lu Yao's expression indicates that she understands.

After watching Xiang Dongnan leave with Tian Tian in his arms, she also leaves. She went to the supermarket to buy some vegetables. When she returned to their house, she unexpectedly saw Shao Yunchen leaning against his car with a slightly sullen face.

"Why are you here?" Lu Yao asked and stood at a one-meter distance away from him which she regretted. She shouldn't have told Shao Yunchen the address when she rented the house for her mother.

Shao Yunchen turned his head and saw Lu Yao. His face sank further. He strode forward and asked with a questioning tone, "Why did you packed your clothes and leave?

"That's your house, I don't want to live there anymore." Lu Yao said trying to avoid his question. "My mother often suffers from insomnia and I have to take care of her."

"What's this all about?" Shao Yunchen held the paper in front of Lu Yao, with the words "Divorce Paper" on the cover.

There are so many things to do in the company and its already afternoon when he finished his work.

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He felt that Lu Yao discharged herself at the hospital. He bought some food and went home, but it was very quiet and empty.

When he entered the bedroom, he realized that Lu Yao had already packed up her things. There were only two coats left in the cabinet and there was a divorce paper on the table which Lu Yao had signed.

Strangely, he was flustered and did not understand why Lu Yao would do such a thing.

Isn't their marriage always good in three years?

He quickly dialed her phone number. He didn't know if Lu Yao had blocked him. After calling her a few times, no one answered. He was so annoyed that he kicked the wardrobe cabinet and became more agitated.

After calming down, Shao Yunchen remembered that Lu Yao said she rented a house for her mother and she gave him the address. He immediately went to the drawer and found a small note. He drove straight to the neighborhood where Mrs. Lu moved, but again he doesn't know which floor Mrs. Lu lived in. He has been waiting outside.

"As what you can see." Lu Yao glanced at the divorce paper and said calmly, "I want to divorce you."

"Lu Yao!" Her calm expression made Shao Yunchen very annoyed. He reached out and grasped her wrist fiercely. The plastic bag in Lu Yao's hand fell, and the vegetables scattered all over the ground. "It's not even four years, why do you want a divorce?"

"I'm tired, I don't want to live with you anymore!" After a day of depression, Lu Yao broke out and stared at him. "What if it's less than four years, we don't love each other. Isn't it right to get divorced?"

Shao Yunchen didn't say anything, then Lu Yao asked, "Yunchen, do you love me?"

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