3 Is it Difficult to Put Her in His Contact List?

There are still 20 days before her father's verdict. If she can't raise enough money within 20 days, she will see her father's hair turn white in prison.


Thinking of what President Ji had just said, Lu Yao paused. She pulled out her phone from her pocket and opened the contact list. She scrolls down and looks at the number.From the start, she put A to Shao Yunchen's contact number so his name would be at the top of her contact list.

However, in the past three years, Shao Yunchen called and texted her only a few times. Over time, she changed her husband's name to Shao Yunchen and did not bother him, unless important.

Lu Yao dialed his phone number, throw the cigarette into the toilet, and went out to get some water and rinse her mouth.

She just smoked a bit. If she won't rinse her mouth, Shao Yunchen might find out over the phone and would be displeased.

"Hello, who's this?"

The call was quickly connected, but what made Lu Yao feel cold was the woman who answered the phone. It seems that she's naturally skilled in asking questions as if she had received such many calls.

"Hello?" The woman asked again.

It took a long time for her to pull back her thoughts, and her voice was obscure when she said, "I'm looking for Shao Yunchen, is he there?"

"Yunchen is in the meeting." The woman said his name casually and naturally, like the one who has sovereignty. "Tell me your name, please? Yunchen didn't save your contact number."

Lu Yao hurriedly hung up the phone without waiting for the woman to finish her sentence. She dropped her phone. Her hands were trembling, but she quickly picks up her phone.

From the broken screen of her phone, Lu Yao looks at her face and didn't know if there were tears. It feels like she lost her family, and she feels devastated.

She and Shao Yunchen have been married for three years, three springs, summer, autumn, and winter. According to others, they supposed to grow old with each other, but he has not even saved her number.

Is it so difficult to put her in his contact list?

Who is that woman?

Thinking of the call three minutes ago, Lu Yao became detached.

Shao Yunchen's attitude has always been so cold. Lu Yao has not doubted that he may have other women, but the tow signed the contract. If he derails, they have to divorce according to their contract.

Lu Yao always believed in him, but not today. How the woman addresses her husband changed her mind.

Even the not-so-obvious thought in her mind grew wider.

Lu Yao doesn't care if Shao Yunchen will go home today or not.

At 5:30 in the afternoon, she got off work on time. She drove by the supermarket to buy some fresh fruits and vegetables.

She has always been good at cooking. She learned from her mother. After marriage, she always does her best to cook for Shao Yunchen, but he returns home once a week according to the contract. No matter how good she cooks she will always end up eating alone.

After a long time, Lu Yao became too lazy to cook. If Shao Yunchen was home at the weekend, they will divide the work, and sometimes he would order takeaways. She only cooks when she's in the mood.

The mobile phone in the living room was playing music loudly, so naturally, Lu Yao, who was busy in the kitchen, did not hear the door open. She's busy fighting with the little yellow fish on the cutting board.


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Lu Yao screamed when she accidentally scratched her fingers at the gills of the fish. The blood was dripping on her fingers.

She doesn't know what to do.

Someone approached behind her, grab her hand and washed it under the faucet. His warm hands made Lu Yao stunned.

It seems that his body was hot except for his lips.

"Why didn't you let the fish cutter do it earlier?" Shao Yunchen said while wiping her fingers with a paper towel and putting a band-aid on it. He's actions looked gentle, but he's still indistinct.

"I forgot, I was busy shopping," Lu Yao muttered in a low voice.

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