10 I’m not an outsider

Shao Yunchen's mother was held by a young woman, and the two walked together smiling. Lu Yao looked closely at the woman, which happened to be the same woman who accompanied Shao Yunchen last night.

Mrs. Shao didn't expect to meet Lu Yao at the hospital.

When Mrs. Shao and her eyes met, Mrs. Shao's awkwardness passed by. She nodded and said hello to Mrs. Lu, and said with a smile, "My health is not good. Yunchen asked Xuezi to take me to the hospital. Don't think about it."

"I know Yunchen's assistant." Lu Yao said with a smile, holding her mother's arm without timidity. "Mother, next time you should call me, you don't need to call an outsider for such things."

Mrs. Shao smiled.

Fu Xuezi was very conceited. When she heard Lu Yao sarcasm towards herself, her facial expression became cold. "Ms. Lu, I'm the assistant of Mr. Shao. Taking care of his mother is my internal affairs, and I'm not an outsider."

Seeing the other woman was very arrogant, Mrs. Lu was distressed and wanted to fight for her daughter.

Lu Yao stopped and said lightly, "Your boss is Shao Yunchen, and I am his wife. You have to call me Mrs. Shao instead of Ms. Lu. You know, common sense. I really doubt how did you end up as an assistant."

Fu Xuezi's face became gloomy.

Lu Yao just glanced over and smiled at Shao Yunchen's mother. "Sorry, mom. I have something to do. I can't accompany you back. Let Ms. Xuezi send you back. I'll go first.

"Okay." Mrs. Shao said impolitely.

Lu Yao also looked at the dislike under Mrs. Shao's eyes, as if she hadn't seen it. She dragged her mother outside, but her heart was very heavy.

Before marriage, she took special care of Shao Yunchen's family, she brought gifts when she visits them. It was just that no one in Shao's family had given her a good look. Mrs. Shao was the only one who treated her better, probably because of her wealth.

When Mrs. Shao was hospitalized with kidney stones, Lu Yao was in the hospital for more than half a month. She always took three meals a day at the hospital for Mrs. Shao to take care of her until she was discharged from the hospital.

However, in the long run, though Mrs. Shao was as good as her mother, she didn't receive attention at all. She became tired.

Really tired.

No matter how much she gave, I'm afraid, Shao Yunchen won't look at her.

When leaving the hospital, Lu Yao found that she had left two packs of medicine. She asked her mother to wait for her as she will go back and get the medicine.

She met Fu Xuezi at the pathway, this time Mrs. Shao was not with her.

Upon seeing Lu Yao, Fu Xuezi strides forward with her high heels and blocked her. "Lu Yao, let's talk."

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She looks very aggressive.

Lu Yao didn't look at her. She turned the other way for a few times, but Fu Xuezi kept blocking her, and she stopped.

"Talk about what?"

"My name is Fu Xuezi. You can check my family background. I know about your father's disgrace." Fu Xuezi said with slight scorn.

Lu Yao smiled, "The entire city knows about my father. It would be strange if you don't."

When she was waiting for Shao Yunchen at the hospital, she checked Fu Xuezi's information on her mobile phone. Her father was a real state businessman, with hundreds of millions of assets. Fu Xuezi was an upper-class woman.

A rich woman willing to be an assistant to others, her reason was so obvious.

Obviously, Fu Xuezi didn't want to talk nonsense with Lu Yao and went straight to the point. "I know you need two million. If you divorce Shao Yunchen, I will give you two million."

She was straightforward. She took out a check from her bag, wrote a few times, and handed it to Lu Yao with two fingers and a clip."

Lu Yao glanced at the cheque. A genuine two million cheque with a stamp on it. If she agreed, she could go to the bank and cash out now.

Lu Yao didn't answer and just glanced at her.

"Shao Yunchen and I are fine. Why should I divorce him? I can borrow these two million."

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