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Lu Yao didn't know when did she fell asleep. When she was a little awake, she felt cramps in her lower abdomen.

She knew it was a sign of her monthly period. When she experienced it before, Shao Yunchen was there to take care of her. This time, Lu Yao subconsciously wanted to be with him. "Shao Yunchen, I have cramps."

She stretched her hand and felt nothing.

Lu Yao opened her eyes confusedly, only to find out that his side was empty and cold. Apparently, he had been away for too long and he left a note on the bedside table.

"I need to catch the plane and travel for three days."

The characters written by Shao Yunchen are just like him, neat and tidy. The distance between each character is just right.

Lu Yao held the note tightly in her arms, and finally, the string that's holding her heart broke and her tears fell.

In the past three years, when he will not return, she spends countless days and nights alone. She never felt uncomfortable as it is now, with heartbreaking pain.

Lu Yao was uncomfortable, she always has colds when she's having cramps. She called the company to leave and turned off her phone. She covered her head with the blanket, slept, and order some porridge.

Two days later, her cold was gone, and she's feeling more comfortable.

Lu Yao got up and took a bath. She feels more relaxed. She called Linlin, "Zhou Linlin, can I ask for a favor?

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"What's wrong?" Zhou Linlin asked.

"Do you have any money you can lend to me?" Lu Yao knew that Zhou Linlin's family was not well-off. Both of her parents are working, and her monthly salary was not high, but she couldn't help it.

"Is it for your father?"

Lu Yao sighed.

The first judge of Nancheng was fired and the news was devastating that even beggars knew it.

"I'm on my night shift, I can't leave," Zhou Linlin said. I'll use my phone to transfer 80,000. I know it's too small, but that's I can only lend you now. I'll think of other ways."

"That's enough. I'll figure it out by myself." Lu Yao didn't know what to say and her heart was overwhelmed. "Zhou Linlin, thank you very much. You've helped me a lot."

Zhou Linlin scorned, "We've been friends for too long. Oh, by the way, you know how to speak French, right? I have a guest who needs a French Interpreter, 100,000 per night. Would you like to try it?"

"One hundred thousand?" I can get one hundred thousand in one negotiation. This is a lifesaver for Lu Yao. She needs money right now. "Deal! Give me the contact information."

"But they drink ferociously, can you handle it?

"It's all right. Didn't we drink to hard when we were studying? Don't you know how much I can drink?"

"That line."

After two or three sentences of conversation, Zhou Linlin sent a number.

Lu Yao dialed the number, as soon as she said Zhou Linlin's name, the person over the phone already knew. Lu Yao took the notes on paper. She was told to wear proper attire and meet them at Yue Hotel at 6 p.m.

Just three minutes of negotiation, she will get a high salary for a temporary job as an interpreter. Lu Yao feels like she wanted to scream.

With the extra money she borrowed, she will get a total of 180,000!

For this temporary job, Lu Yao was very cautious in picking her clothes. Mix and match everything in the closet and picked an outfit after several hours. She glanced at her watch and it's almost time, she quickly put on some make-up and rushed out with her bag.

After 10 minutes, the taxi arrived at Yue Hotel.

Lu Yao just told the mobile number, and the waiter already knew and took her to the private room on the third floor. The long corridor was covered with a red carpet, and there was no sound while stepping on it.

There were four people in the private room and Lu Yao knew who's the President at one glance. She went up and reached out her hand, "Mr. Chen, I'm Lu Yao, the French interpreter."

"Oh, you're here?" Seeing that Lu Yao had greeted him as soon as she arrived, and have dressed properly, she had a natural personality. Mr. Chen was quite appreciative and shook hands with her.

Mr. Chen briefly introduced Lu Yao at the people in the room and told her about the negotiation today regarding the export of goods. They asked for an interpreter because the other party represents French.

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