9 Ending This Wrong Marriage Early

Disappointed, Lu Yao handled the discharge by herself and returned home. She went directly into the bedroom and open the wardrobe cabinet.

When she moved into Shao Yunchen's house, she didn't bring much things. In less than half an hour, she already packed everything in two suitcase except several coats that are heavy. She threw them directly into the cabinet.

Lu Yao finally glanced at the apartment where she and Shao Yunchen lived. They seem to have a trace in every corner. She left the key on the shoe cabinet and left melancholy with her suitcase.

Since that woman receives her phone call and meeting her last night, she should know better. It took her three years and still can't warm his heart, but it didn't mean that other women couldn't.

Moreover, this marriage was a mistake and she should end it early.

After leaving Shao Yunchen's residence, Lu Yao dragged her things directly to her mother's house. She didn't want to spend more time with Shao Yunchen's house, but in the current situation, she could not afford to spend money in a hotel.

There's no response after Lu Yao pressed the doorbell for a long time. She raised her eyebrows and called her mother.

The call was quickly connected.

It's a bit noisy over the phone, she couldn't help but to ask, "Mom, aren't you at home?"

"Ah! I'm no there. I'm exercising outside." Mrs. Lu said. "Is there anything wrong? If nothing, I'll call you back later."

Lu Yao didn't believe her and took the opportunity to ask, "Where are you exercising, Mom? I'll go there."

"Don't come. It's really far."

Just as Mrs. Lu whispered something, Lu Yao heard someone shouting over the phone. "Hey! The guest already left. Go and clean the table! Stop talking on the phone!"

"Mom, I heard it all!" Lu Yao suppressed her anger. "Tell me the address." She said calmly.

Lu Yao stowed her suitcase at the neighbor's house and give 500 yuan. She took a taxi and went directly to the restaurant where her mother was working. When she entered the door, she saw her mother bending over to clean the table.

Her mother was spoiled by her father most of her life, but now she's working at a restaurant as a waitress.

"Yaoyao?" When she saw Lu Yao, Mrs. Lu was a bit embarrassed. She quickly cleaned the table and talked to the owner and went to the corner with Lu Yao.

Lu Yao saw her mother's swollen left hand. She grabbed her arm and ask, "What's wrong with your hands?"

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"It's fine. It's just a burn."

Mrs. Lu tried to hide it and said not to worry about it, but Lu Yao couldn't help it. She dragged her mother outside the restaurant and took a taxi to go to the hospital.

Thankfully, her decision was correct. The doctor said that she had a high degree of burns. She will have suppuration if it's not treated properly.

"Mom, why didn't you stay at home?" Lu Yao took the medicine and smeared her mother's wounds. Her voice cracked when she said, "I can't afford to lose you."

"Mom is bored at home. It's okay to work at a restaurant and earns hundreds of yuan a day,"

With that said, Mrs. Lu couldn't help but cry. "If it wasn't for your father doing such a stupid thing, our family should be happy by now. I'm worried all day and I can't sleep."

"Resign, I won't allow you to go there. I'll give you money if you don't have enough." Lu Yao said. "Our family is poor, but I will not let you suffer. I will find a way to deal with dad's case."

"How can I allow you to carry such a heavy burden." The intimateness of her daughter comforted Mrs. Lu, because of the money she wiped her tears. "Two million yuan is not easy. Let your dad die in prison. Let's not care about him."

She knew that her mother was speaking out of anger and she was still anxious about her father's case. "Mom, I promise to borrow money until the deadline. Don't worry about it."

Her mother was a noble lady, and she knew her father at the age of eighteen. She married her father at the age of twenty and he has taken care of her wholeheartedly since she gave birth to Lu Yao. Her life was entirely dependent on Mr. Lu. When her husband falls, she panics. Her daughter was calm enough.

She nodded hearing what Lu Yao said.

After taking a week worth of medicine, Lu Yao took her mother to leave the hospital. She saw an unexpected scene when they left the elevator.

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