13 Can We Let Go of Each Other?

Lu Yao didn't have to wait for an answer. She understood everything just by looking at his eyebrows. And then, she smiled, "No need to think about what I said. I already know the answer, so can we let go of each other?"

Lu Yao removed his hands and squatted down, so he won't see her teary eyes.

Originally, she was looking forward to seeing Shao Yunchen flustered eyes, or maybe longingness for her. She thought that she would probably be soft-hearted, and not divorce after he says a few words.

However, Shao Yunchen was too calm. She could see nothing in his eyes. What else could be extravagant?

She didn't have the courage to ask him what's his relationship with Fu Xuezi.

Lu Yao was very calm. She carried her things and went to the building. Shao Yunchen was a bit terrified. His body moved faster than his mind. He went up quickly and blocked her way.

In three years of being married, Lu Yao occasionally has a bad temper, and he could endure it, but when he heard her say divorce, he was uncomfortable. Subconsciously, he was reluctantly unable to believe it.

"Is it because of your father?" Shao Yunchen asked. "I've found someone who could help."

"No, I will fix it myself." Lu Yao interrupted him. "It has nothing to do with our divorce."

"How would you solve it? Two million is not small money." Shao Yunchen keenly felt that something was wrong.

Lu Yao clasped her lips tightly and didn't want to answer anymore.

Shao Yunchen approached her and said indifferently, "Lu Yao, we got married as you wish, then how can you decide to get a divorce? What do you think of me? An old luxury item that you used?"

"I didn't mean that." Lu Yao wanted to explain, but Shao Yunchen held her face and kissed her aggressively.

The kiss was much more aggressive than when they were intimate as if it was purposely to punish her.

Lu Yao felt her body heating up, and her head was a little bit shocked.

This seems to be the second time Shao Yunchen had kissed her, except when they were in bed.

Shao Yunchen kissed her deeply. He ended the kiss when his mobile phone rang, and it keeps making noises. He answered the phone calmly. His hands clenched Lu Yao, he was afraid she would go upstairs.

"What's wrong?"

"Singapore? I see. Book my ticket. I'll go tomorrow morning."

Shao Yunchen constantly and effortlessly ended the call in three minutes.

Shao Yunchen looks helpless when facing Lu Yao. "I need to go to Singapore for a week. We will talk about divorce when I come back."

Lu Yao seemed heartless. "It's just a divorce. I've already signed it. You can sign yours."

Shao Yunchen shredded the divorce paper in front of her. Shao Yunchen rarely softens his tone, "Our marriage will not end when you say it. I also need to think about it. Don't be childish, Lu Yao."

Lu Yao smirked.

Does he also consider it?

It's absurd. It's her who wanted to marry him, and she wasted her youth for the past three years.

Lu Yao wanted to stick to her decision, but Shao Yunchen raised his hand and touched her head. He naturally took the plastic bag in her hands. "I haven't seen your mom for a long time, I'll go and visit her with you."

When he said those words, Lu Yao softened and took him upstairs silently.

Mrs. Lu was surprised to see Shao Yunchen. She nodded when Shao Yunchen greeted her, and she continued to watch the TV series.

Shao Yunchen accompanied Lu Yao to the kitchen. He prepared the ingredients while Lu Yao cooks. They didn't talk much, just like when they were at their home. From beginning to end, no one mentioned the divorce.

The apartment that Lu Yao rented for her mother was one bedroom and one living room. One move and it was a little packed. Of course, Shao Yunchen could not sleep here, and she didn't plan to let him.

After dinner, Shao Yunchen watched the TV with Lu Yao. When he saw it was getting late, he got up and left.

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"Yao Yao, send me off."

"Can't you walk? Don't you have legs?" Lu Yao was unwilling to get up from the sofa, but she couldn't afford it. Shao Yunchen stood there and didn't leave.

Shao Yunchen was uncertain, he went downstairs and repeated again. "We will talk about divorce when I come back from the business trip."

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