2 Borrowing Money

After a long time, Lu Yao got up. She went to the kitchen calmly and washed the dishes. She changed her clothes and went to the garage to pick up her car. She drove to the company for half an hour.

When the secretary saw Lu Yao, "Good morning."

"Good morning ." Lu Yao smiled and nodded. She took off her coat and ask, "Is President Ji here?"

"He's in his office."

Lu Yao went to the president's office and knocked on the door.

"Why are you here?" President Ji saw Lu Yao coming in and immediately put down the documents in his hands. He asked her to sit in the reception area and made her tea. "Is there anything I can help you with?"

"It's about borrowing money from you." Lu Yao didn't hide it, but said in a plea, "President Ji, I worked in the company for three years. You know me very well. I hope you can lend me two million."

General Manager Ji was stunned, and his face looked mortified. "Lu Yao, it will be the company's decision, not me. Besides that huge amount of money, even if I agree, the directors will not."

"I know, but can I borrow it to you?" Lu Yao said, "Rest assure that I will return your money within half a year, with 5% interest!"

"Lu Yao, I can't. My money is controlled by my wife, and you know who my wife is. If she found out that I lend you money, I'm afraid I can't go home."

President Ji seemed to think of something and asked Lu Yao. "Ah, I remember, doesn't your husband in an investment company? Two million is just small money for him. Why don't you tell him?"

Lu Yao feels bad when she said, "It's just a small investment company."

After three years of marriage, she knew that Shao Yunchen was an investor, and she knew nothing about where his company was and how much he earns each month. They have a contract. His money was only his.

"President Ji, I really need your help and I'm powerless." President Ji poured a cup of tea for Lu Yao. "Let me see, I'll tell the finance to give you a salary increase next month. After all, you work really hard."

Lu Yao knew that it will not make sense to continue. She got up and prepared to leave, "I'm sorry to disturb you for so long. Thank you."

"It's okay. I didn't do anything. You should try to borrow from the bank."

"Thank you."

Lu Yao felt a little annoyed when she went out of the president's office. She went to the bathroom. When she saw no one was inside, she went to a small cubicle and took out a cigarette and lighter from her pocket.

She is not addicted to smoking, but smoking is just for fun. Since she married Shao Yunchen, she has never smoked after knowing that he hates the smell of cigarettes. She only got addicted to smoking recently.

Lu Yao was smoking a cigarette on the toilet. Her face looks slightly calm.

Since childhood, she has always been proud of having a judge's father. She also wanted to apply for a judicial major when she was in college, but she was not that interested. She chose finance.

Not long ago, she felt that her family was too affluent. When she got married, her wedding gift was expensive, and her family moved into a three-story villa. I always felt that my father made a lot of money, but I didn't think about it.

Lu Yao didn't know that her father was arrested until a month ago when his father didn't go home, and the news broadcasted about his huge amount of corruption.

Her mother cried instinctively; her anxiety turned her hair white.

Lu Yao was calm enough while comforting her mother, she contacted a lawyer and found a way to return the indictment little by little.

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All their houses were sold, including her wedding gift and car. She moved to Shao Yunchen's apartment shamelessly, but they still need two million. Their relatives were afraid to lend them some money.

In the past half month, she tried to contact all her friends, but she could not borrow a penny.

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