4 Assistant

Shao Yunchen rolled up his sleeves and exposed his lean arms. "I'll cook tonight."

"Aprons." Lu Yao gets the apron that's hanging on the shelf, unfolded it, and tie it to him. "Your shirt is white; oil splashes are not easy to wash."

Shao Yunchen glanced at her and turned around. Lu Yao quickly tied the apron.

Because both of them had to do housework, she bought an apron one size bigger. Although he was tall, it seems a little funny to tie it up.

Before Lu Yao went out, she leaned on the door of the kitchen and watch his busy figure. Even a well-mannered man seemed particularly seductive, "Why are you here today?"

Shao Yunchen didn't look and was busy washing vegetables. "Today is Sunday."

"Oh." Lu Yao's eyes dimmed.

Sure enough, if it wasn't for the contract, he wouldn't be back even if it was his apartment.

"Why did you call earlier?" Shao Yunchen asked. "My assistant answered the phone and said that someone was looking for me. When I turned on the phone, I found out it was you."


Does any assistant call her boss by its name?

'I just wanted to ask why you came back and why didn't you save my number?' Lu Yao still didn't ask. She turned around to the living room. She just felt uncomfortable when she heard what he said before.

Feeling bored, Lu Yao scrolled on her Weibo account, but after reading for a while she became irritated and opened Baidu involuntarily.

She searched and found all of Baidu's 'Why my husband doesn't save my number' or 'My husband's secretary calls my husband by his name intimately' and so on.

She couldn't help but open the long list of answers.

'Be careful, your husband is cheating. Check his mobile phone for evidence and get a divorce so you can get a little alimony.' She smiled a bit for the thought.

At this moment, Shao Yunchen came out of the kitchen with a dish and called her. "Come here, let's eat."

"Okay." Lu Yao hurried turned off the phone.

The two had always been quite when they ate, and Lu Yao will frequently look at Shao Yunchen. His eyes always look complex, even though he doesn't say a word.

After dinner, Shao Yunchen washed the dishes and return to the bedroom.

He's very busy with work recently. After taking a bath, he went to bed. When Lu Yao applied a mask, Shao Yunchen was asleep, his back facing her. Lu Yao felt like they are separated by a mountain.

Lu Yao looked at his mobile phone on the bedside table and stood there for a long time. She couldn't hold back and quietly took it.

She used Shao Yunchen's mobile phone when taking pictures before, so she knew the password.

After entering the password, Lu Yao investigated, and there was nothing. Most of the emails are about work and she didn't understand much. When she clicked the text message, she held her breath.

It was a short message with a few. "Shao Yunchen, thank you for today. I'll invite you to have a meal when you have time."

Fu Xuezi?

Is that the secretary's name or this is another woman?

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Lu Yao didn't know what to feel when she saw the message. If it was not important, Shao Yunchen would have deleted it. She turned off his phone and put it back on the bedside table.

Lu Yao looked at his back and couldn't help but reach out and hug his waist.

The next second, her hands were gently pulled away. He also moved to the corner of the bed.

Lu Yao felt pain on her heart by his action.

Last night he wanted her badly. Today, he doesn't want anything even a hug.

Is there nothing between them except their marriage contract and his physical needs?

Lu Yao thought to file a divorce even if she's busy with her father's case.

Four years is too long and she is tired to wait.

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