30 Are you sure she's pregnant with your child?

Lu Yao shook her head without even thinking about it. She was smiling as she comforted her, "I don't need to resign. I just have to be more careful. It still can't be seen, but I will resign when I really can't hide anything from my colleagues."

Now that her family was dependent on her for their finances, she couldn't resign. Her family still owes a lot of money. Also, she needed to earn money for her babies' milk, so she had to go to work.

However, she didn't say these words out loud as she did not want to put pressure on her mother. Otherwise, she might have snuck out to work.

Mrs. Lu couldn't understand, but she didn't want Lu Yao to worry. She could only frown and request, "Then, you can work for at least three months, and you must take a vacation at home and wait after six months."

"Yeah, yeah, I know. If I won't take a vacation, they'll definitely kick me out." Lu Yao pursed her lips, thinking about how she would dress if they didn't find out about it when she's in her sixth month.

Her mother couldn't do anything about it. She looked at her with a pained and helpless expression, "Let's go home."

"Wait!" Lu Yao hugged her mother's arm and looked at the shopping mall beside her. She tilted her head and smiled. "I don't have to work this afternoon. Let's go shopping."

At the same time, she also wanted to look at the baby's stuff.

Moreover, she had to buy two at a time.

She didn't know if she was carrying a boy or a girl.

Her smile was filled with anticipation thinking about it.

"Alright." It was rare to see her happy, so Mrs. Lu nodded lovingly.

The next day at work, Lu Yao picked out a large skirt, a thin coat, and flat shoes.

AS she stood in front of the mirror, she was grateful that their company doesn't require their employees to wear formal clothes, or it would have been a disaster.

Yesterday, when the two of them went shopping, she didn't buy any baby's stuff. She bought a bunch of clothes that she'll use to equip herself, all of them in loose styles. Fortunately, she was a petite girl and looked very white. Even if she looked fat, it won't be very obvious.

After dressing up, she drove to the company in her black Volkswagen.

"Sister Yao, how was your vacation? Did you have fun in Japan?"

As soon as she arrived, someone greeted her with a smile.

"Is there a need to ask? Look at her clothes, they should be new. It's just that your style of clothes… change a lot recently." Someone looked at her and shook her head in disdain.

Lu Yao was a little taken aback, but she purposely showed a dissatisfied expression on her face. "Are you complimenting me or criticizing me? I'll give you one more chance to make your choice, or else won't receive the gift I brought back."

"I'm complimenting you, my little fairy daughter." Upon hearing that they have a gift her colleagues immediately smiled obsequiously.

Lu Yao snorted and place the boxes on the table. Then, she began to distribute the boxes one by one with a smile.

"Manager Lu, President Ji want to see you." President Ji's assistant Xiao Li peeked her head from outside.

"Alright. I'll be there immediately."

She responded and looked at them, "Clean up and put the work from the past few days in my office."

With that, she walked out.

Outside the President's office, Lu Yao knocked on the door and entered, "President Ji, you were looking for me?"

"How's your vacation for a few days? Are you feeling better?" President Ji said his greetings in a normal tone.

Lu Yao nodded. "I'm much better now. There's no problem with work."

"That's good. Have you settled the matter about money?" President Ji asked another question.

"It's been taken care of." Lu Yao frowned. "Why are you looking for me?"

President Ji held the cup and drank a mouthful of water, then he turned to look at the more imposing building across the window and said, "Long Teng will open a branch in Nancheng soon."


Lu Yao was stunned. Did she hear it wrong?

Long Teng had a partnership with their company, and now he wanted to open a branch in Nancheng. Their connection was bound to become more frequent.

She didn't want to get involved with Shao Yunchen anymore, so when she heard this news, her mood naturally sank.

"What are your plans?"

President Ji looked at her, "Of course we have to try our best to get more opportunities to work with them. Long Teng is Jincheng's largest investment company, and our headquarters view them very highly. Let us seize this opportunity."

Lu Yao's expression was a little confused and conflicted, "But President Ji, I'm just a manager. I'm not good at negotiating."

Although she had refused it last time, she still wanted to refuse.

Putting aside her relationship with Shao Yunchen, she was pregnant now and didn't want to run out to work every day.

"I know you're not familiar with it, but your persuasiveness is very good. It can help a lot." President Ji has a clever way of teaching his subordinates. "It's a bit hard, but you won't work hard for nothing. Besides your job, I will pay you another salary for other activities."


Lu Yao no longer knew how to refute.

This scheming man probably knew that she was short of money recently and wanted to put pressure on her.

She would gladly accept it if she wasn't pregnant, but she does not want to take risks now.

"Alright, I will prepare for it later." She said quickly.

Before she left, she l=thought of something and asked again, "When will the people from Long Teng come here?

President Ji thought for a moment, then said, "Next month."

"Alright, I understand."

I hope he won't come in person.

Jincheng City, at Long Teng's CEO office.

"Brother Shao, here's your coffee." Fu Xuezi walked in.

Shao Yunchen lowered his head to look at the document. He merely made a soft 'hmm' in response. At that moment, the phone beside him rang.

The two of them subconsciously turned to look at their phones.

When Shao Yunchen saw the caller ID, he picked up his phone and glance at the woman. "You can leave now."

Fu Xuezi nodded obediently with a smile. She turned around and left.

After the door was closed, Shao Yunchen pressed the accept button and said in a low voice. "Hello, how was it?"

"I didn't find anything." It was a man's voice on the other end of the phone. It was a very clear and melodious voice.

Shao Yunchen's face immediately darkened. He frowned, "Nothing? You went to the hospital?"

"Of course, I have been there before, I didn't even go there with my wife. I went there for a man." The man cursed in annoyance, then asked playfully, "Are you sure she's pregnant your child?"

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"I won't let you look into it if I'm sure." His patience was drained by his nonsense. He frowned, "What information did you get there?"

"I didn't find anything. The hospital has very tight privacy for their clients, so I didn't ask anymore. Even if I gave them money, I can't get any information from them. I just used my talent, and they just said that she was pregnant with twins."