35 Chapter 35: Settling In

Treyni quickly lost consciousness afterward as she similarly lost a significant amount of her energies. I pulled out of her, my own dragon still raring to go, but considering our current states, I quickly tried distracting myself by counting prime numbers.

'…71, 73, 79, 83, 89, 97…' after counting for some minutes, I looked down only to see my sword twitching slightly, still eager to slay all the fair ladies of the land.

I sighed and then reexamined ourselves. We were both covered in sweat and love juices, so I quickly cast [Cleanse] on the both of us.

Though tempted to go use Shion or the redhead to calm myself, I think it would be better to stay with Treyni for the night and be there when she awakes.

I carefully rolled her over and spooned her from behind while gently caressing her stomach. I also used [Analysis] to see what the damage was to her energy reserves.



Name: Treyni

Race: Dryad (3rd evolution)


Titles: Protector of Treants, Manager of the Great Jura Forest, Wife of the ▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮

Lv. 74/100


STR: C[650] (1850)

END: SS[1950] (7950)

DEX: G[225] (825)

AGI: F[350] (950)

MAG: G[250] (6250)

SPR: E[450] (6450)

Blessings: Blessings of the God of Life

Unique Skills: [Nature's Path], [Nature Magic]

Skills: [Plant Manipulation], [Cooking], [Flash Step], [Kido]

Magic: [Aero], [Cleanse], [Root Bind], [Sagitta Magica]

Special Notes: Treyni is a perfect housewife with exemplary skills in cooking, cleaning, and caring for you. She has dedicated herself to you in accepting the imprinting process, and has given you her unwavering love, commitment, and devotion. As your official wife, she has been given the title [Wife of the ▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮]. She is now pregnant. Please treat her with care.


I'm not sure how strong she was previously, but it seems that her energy was drained quite a bit. Thankfully, her magic hasn't devolved to a level lower than her evolution tier, an issue I still haven't figured out how to solve.

『Answer: Due to the unusually high magic energy concentration, the fertilization process has been aided, removing some of the burden on both you and your partner. Additionally, rather than reproductive fluids like semen, your concentrated mana carries no genetic material. In return, the globules of concentrated magical energy significantly reduced the burden on both you and Your partner.』

'I see… wait, how did I impregnate Treyni if I didn't donate any DNA or anything?' I asked, confused.

『Unlike baser creatures, high-rank beings reproduce using their energies, which are affected by their race and the usage of their powers. In your case, you have many different racial traits, as well as a variety of affinities. The development of your child is uncertain, but they will likely be a completely new race.』

Well, that's oddly informative. 'Thanks, Saul. If the children will be based off of my magical and spiritual power, should I hold off on future children until I have achieved a stable evolution?'

『Although the benefits would be trivial, that is not something I can advise you on. The primary reason other races have evolved to be unable to conceive children past a certain point is that the purity and density of the newborn's magic is too great for the monster to handle. Thus, the species has lost the ability to do so in exchange for other benefits such as enhanced lifespans, immense strength, and extraordinary resistances. High-tier dragons like Veldora being a prime example.』

'Hmm… I suppose that makes sense. What if I married someone of those races that have evolved beyond the point of being capable of reproduction? Is there a way around that?'

『There are methods, namely race changes and de-evolution being the easiest.』

'That… sounds pretty extreme…'


Well, I suppose it can't be helped… for now, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. It's not like I have relationships with anyone that fits those qualities right now.

Stowing those thoughts away, I comfortably rested my eyes while inhaling Treyni's refreshing scent.


Awaking the next morning, it was later than usual, and I could feel the broken sunlight raining down between the leaves.

It was a beautiful sight in of itself, made all the more memorable by the sounds of slurping and the warmth encompassing my little brother.

Noticing me awaken, Treyni spoke with her mouth still full, "Gush~ smorning!" Her eyes smiled as her lips sucked, and her tongue twirled. I wasn't sure what was going on, but I was already ready to burst from the stimulation.

The veins along my cock bulged, and noticing this, Treyni swallowed it deeper. The warm caress of her throat was the final straw as I busted my load down her throat.

"Mmm, thank you for the meal," Treyni said, licking her lips.

She cast [Cleanse] on herself then me before summoning her usual dress.

Catching my breath and composing myself, I got up from the blanket and also formed my Shihakusho by pouring some spiritual energy into my ring.

Both dressed, I stepped behind Treyni, hugging her and giving her a quick peck on the lips. "I'm not complaining, but what was that for?"

Treyni smiled brilliantly and moved my hands onto her belly that had returned to normal. The thick globs of mana had been consumed, and her slightly rosy complexion was restored.

"When I woke up, your sword was drawn and ready for battle. I wanted to help you, but I was still feeling a bit sore, so I used my mouth. What did you think?" She asked, leaning back into me while looking down from the tree towards the busy goblins and wolves.

My hands gently caressed her stomach as I watched the villagers training, cooking, building, and patrolling their new homes.

"Wonderful. I can't think of any better way to wake in the morning!" I punctuated my happiness with a kiss to her cheek.

"Fufufu! Of course, my three-hundred years of being surrounded by those sex-maniacs from my village weren't spent in vain! Those little girls down there won't have it easy if they think they can steal the first wife position from me!" She spoke proudly and resolutely.

I couldn't help but laugh as I picked her up and descended the tree. After landing, we casually chatted as I led her towards the others.

When we arrived, we were cheerfully greeted by the goblins and direwolves that were training while I received a few keen gazes that seemed to notice a difference when looking between Treyni and me.

Ignoring the stares, I checked in on the group's status this morning. After agreeing to my offer to head up the intelligence force and temporarily lead the security force, Souei gathered a few dozen goblins and had them patrol the surroundings in shifts.

He had me link them all into a single chat group, so I created a channel just for the security personnel and added them all to it.

Similarly, Benimaru, Kishin, Mia, and the hobgoblin mage were all scouting for potential people to join their divisions. During the trek here, they had become de facto leaders for their teams.

I thought that Treyni would want to become the leader for the pleasure division, but she said that as my wife, she simply wished to protect our home and make it a hospitable place for me to relax.

I suppose as a new mother, all that stress wouldn't be good for her anyway. I'll just support her in whatever she wants to do for the time being.

The last thing I did before settling in to meditate was call over the village elder that I rescued and asked him to gather some workers together to begin building housing.

With an abundant source of timber and clay here in the forest, I quickly devised a plan for our housing. Previously, Kurobe told me about the ogre village's housing. Based on what he told me, it seems their architecture was very similar to Traditional Japanese homes.

It seems that not only the art of sword making, but the otherworlder who long ago was taken care of by the ogre tribe also shared other knowledge with them.

Interestingly, Hakurou is the only remaining descendant of that otherworlder. However, after a few generations of copulating with monsters, his human genome had diluted enough that he had no access to the dual Job-Class and Rank-Up Systems of Mix breeds. He was much closer to his ogre heritage; thus, he only has access to the Rank-Up system.

Usually, when a monster breeds with a non-monster species, they will take on the race of one of their parents, but in the case of mix-breeds, the child gains an amalgamation of their traits along with both the Rank-Up and Job-Class systems.

It would be nice if my child were a mix-breed so that they have the best chance of growing strong like their papa!

Back to designing the buildings, I decided to leverage the information Kurobe already had about constructing the Japanese-like homes and buildings.

First up was the dormitories. We discussed various types of buildings I was familiar with from when I was young and dreamed of building my own home on the family farm.

We ended up expanding the old Japanese farmhouse (Minka Style) into a boarding house similar to an onsen with each building having a capacity for about 200 individuals.

At the same time, I drew out the ideas for using Machiya-type housing (Think Urahara Kisuke's home/shop, or google it) for those who wish to have their own homes built. The rectangular, Machiya-style, Japanese townhouse can be easily customized while maintaining a reasonable footprint to keep city organizing manageable.

A step up from that would be a proper Minka house with some land surrounding it for a more luxurious and private residence. These residences would be reserved for those that contributed greatly to our group and would only be available through contribution points.

Kurobe eagerly accepted the plans and began using his researcher unique skill to work out all the intricacies of the projects. I called over the new elder and the workers he organized, then had him start working with Kurobe to begin collecting timber and cutting it into lumber that could be used for a variety of projects.

Although the goblins weren't inherently skilled with tasks like woodworking or carpentry, cutting down the trees and cutting it to dimension was a simple enough task.

They also received clear instructions on the areas to clear and the number of trees to cut down. As the leader of the group, I named the elder goblin Rigurd. He seemed surprised more by the name I chose than the naming itself, but he was grateful nonetheless as he left to organize his subordinates.

I quickly put the thoughts out of my mind as I prepared to meditate, but the Timiano sisters approached me first.

They were blushing quite a bit as they neared me, and Felicia was the first to speak after a moment of gathering her thoughts. "Umm, Lord Orion, could we talk to you in private for a moment?" She asked, looking at me hopefully.

'What now? Did these sisters fall for me too? Did the goblins put something in the water?'

『Negative. No harmful substances detected within the water sources.』

'That was a rhetorical question, Saul. Still, these girls are acting a bit strange…'

Arriving at their tent, I noticed that both Emily and Spinel were also there. Rubellia was missing, but that was likely because she was training with the others right now. I must admit, her mind is remarkably flexible and excepting.

I looked towards the others and greeted them and then back to the sisters, "So, what did you need to talk about?"

Felicia and Alma nodded and then began explaining their request. After seeing the massive variant-hindbear, they wanted to add it's leather and fur to the materials they were using to line the jacket.

Although Lilith cut through it easy enough, I doubt it would be the same for even most high-rank swords. Not to mention, gear made from its hide should also carry some of the bear's omni-elemental resistance, so it should hold a bit better against magic than typical materials.

"Hmm… that sounds like a nice offer, but what would do you want in return? I'm not sure how much it's worth, but I can pay you. I can also offer you more materials in exchange." I offered.

The girls smiled, "In exchange, we would like a house built…near you." Toward the end, Felicia's words came out like a whisper, but before I could reply, Emily and Spinel interrupted.

"Hey, wait! Both of us are working on the outfit too! Shouldn't we be a part of this as well?" Asked Spinel while adjusting her glasses to glare at the sisters.

"Mou! No stealing a head start, you two!" The blacksmith pouted at the two sisters.

Watching them bicker was cute, but there was still more work to do, so I proposed a solution. "Kohun!" I coughed to get their attention. "I know all of you are working hard for my sake, so if you intend to stay here, I can have Kurobe build a nice residence for you girls after the dormitories are finished. Of course, I can also have some smaller individual buildings for you if you would prefer your privacy or to have a shop of your own."

The women were silenced for a moment before they began discussing among themselves. The younger sister Alma quickly left, presumably to fetch Rubellia, whom they all cared for greatly.

Thinking they would take a while to discuss things, I sat and meditated to spend some time with my other girls. As long as we didn't do anything too crazy, it wouldn't cause a commotion in the real world.


Back at the farm, I reappeared in the entryway, but the characteristic dog pile didn't occur. Instead, Lilith was sitting on the couch watching cartoons, while Áine was polishing her sword, both seemingly ignoring me.

"Uh, hey, girls… What's going on?" I asked. I could easily guess what had Áine riled up, but what was going on with Lilith?

Receiving no reply, I went and sat next to Lilith, who was absentmindedly watching her cartoons. I pulled her into my lap and patted her head, making her cutely mewl, while trying to resist relaxing into my chest.

Still, once I unleashed [God Hands], she became butter in my hands. She quickly answered my questions when I threatened to stop.

"So, what's going on with you and your big sister, and why are you ignoring papa?" I asked.

"Gnu… big sis Áine said you didn't love Lilith…" she said with a slightly sad tone.

"What?" I said, looking incredulously between the two.

"I did not!" Áine hotly protested against Lilith's words before looking at me fiercely. "Lilith just happened to see what happened between you and that woman yesterday and asked me about it. She's your daughter, so I didn't want to give her the talk. Still, she kept pestering me with her curious expression, so I told her that that's something only people who love each other can do."

The fact that Lilith saw me last night nearly gave me a heart attack, but I couldn't understand how that turned into me not loving my daughter. "What happened then?"

Instead of Áine, Lilith was the one that answered. "Papa, when I asked if I could do it with you, too, big sis said no and that you don't love Lilith like that! It's not true, right? Papa loves Lilith, don't you?" She asked with her eyes glistening slightly as she looked up at me.

Veins throbbed on my forehead, and I could more or less understand Áine's frustration. I turned Lilith to face me and pinched her little cheeks.

"Wah! Papa, Wilith's facsh doesn't shretch rike dat!"

After a minute, I released her and gently massaged her reddened cheeks. "Of course, I love you, Lilith! What you saw, though, is something that only mature and responsible adults should do. There are a lot of different reasons to have sex, such as having children, or simply to feel good together with your partner, but that isn't something a girl like you should worry about right now.

Once you've grown up and experienced more the world outside of this place for a while, you can try it with someone you love and care about. For now, though, just enjoy being papa's little girl, and don't worry about such things."

Lilith hugged me tilted her head, trying to comprehend what I was saying, but she was at least giving it some serious thought.

A few minutes later, Lilith nodded and spoke. "Lilith will wait and become a proper adult, and then Papa will do it with Lilith?"

I laughed and hugged the adorable little girl. "I'll tell you what, Lili-chan. After you've grown up and you get to know some people other than Áine and I, I will do it with you if you still feel the same way then. But, in exchange, if you start liking someone else, you have to tell Papa immediately so I can make sure they won't hurt my little girl, alright?"

Lilith smiled while hugging me tightly and giggling. "Silly Papa! Lilith loves Papa the most! There's no way I will like anyone more than Papa." She said, nuzzling her face against my chest.

"We'll see, Lili. I just want my family to be happy and safe." I said, looking at both girls with a warm smile.

Áine released a sigh and then got up and sat right next to Lilith and I. She hugged both of us and took the high-road, apologizing to Lilith. "Guh! Sorry, little sis. I didn't mean to make you misunderstand. I was just very flustered when you started asking me about the stuff. I was just trying to look out for you. Will you forgive me?" She asked.

Lilith turned to face Áine, then gave her a big hug, too. "Lilith is sorry for causing trouble, big sis. Lilith loves you too, just not as much as Papa."

Lilith's benign words caused critical damage to Áine, but she quickly conceded under my gloating smile.

For the rest of my time there, I played games and watched TV with the girls. Áine was also particularly clingy, too, once the issues were cleared up.

It seems that she, too, was affected by what I did last night, though she was unwilling to discuss it. Instead, she just snuggled up with me as we watched cartoons.

When I entered, I activated [Hastened Thoughts] at 50% capacity and instructed Saul to wake me when the girls had come to a decision. After spending an entire day with the girls playing games and eating sweets, I was being called back to the real world.

I didn't just relax while I was there, though. I also checked with Saul about the issues of money, the divisions, and the quests.

Money was easy since SP could be converted at a ratio of 1SP:100 Valis(Or 1 Silver Valis).

Saul also provided suggestions on who to place in captain roles based on its observations and analysis during yesterday's trek. Though, none of the new goblins were able to be included.

The final issue was the assignment of quests. While I understood that the system would generate its own quests, efficiently disseminating them to my subordinates was the issue.

For now, I intend to create a channel and use it as a job board. Saul will automatically add, update, and remove quests, while the remaining elders will be responsible for dispensing rewards for the individuals.

In the future, I would like the whole process to be automated to avoid trouble and not be reliant on my system, but there is a lot that would go into creating such a machine. This will have to do for the time being.


I kissed Lilith's cheek while hugging her before handing her to Áine. I had intended to kiss her cheek too, but when Áine's lips met mine, I indulged her for a moment in a passionate kiss before biting her bottom lip.

"I've got to go now, so you girls behave, alright? You're both important members of my family, so we have to take care of each other."

Lilith nodded, and despite her flushed cheeks, Áine nodded in agreement too. I hugged them one last time before reawakening in the real world with all of the human women gathered there, along with Treyni, Mia, Shion, and Shuna.

I was a bit surprised seeing them all gathered here, but the surprises didn't end there.

Spinel stepped forward to speak after adjusting her glasses and clearing her throat. "Kohun, Kohun. Orion, we have all come to a decision." She paused, either for effect or to find the proper way to explain what she was going to say.

Seemingly struggling, Rubellia boisterously took over. "We want one big house for all of us to live in together!" She spoke excitedly.

I raised my brow briefly, but then nodded in acknowledgment. I didn't understand what their fanfare was all about, but this was an acceptable request.

"Alright, as soon as Rigurd and his team have finished constructing the dormitories, I will have him work on the plot for you five—"

Before I could finish, Spinnel coughed to get my attention then spoke up. "Kohun! Excuse me, Orion."

"Hmm? Was there something else?" I asked curiously.

"Not exactly, rather a misunderstanding, I think. The house isn't just for the five of us. It's for all of us here." She spoke clearly to avoid any further misunderstandings.

I looked across the tent, checking with all of the women gathered. They all nodded, including Treyni.

"Err, I don't really understand, but I guess I'll need to work on a bigger mansion design if all of you will be living together. I guess I will go discuss it with Kurobe and Rigurd when I get a chance."

This time, seeing me still not catch onto their meaning, Treyni stepped forward and grabbed my hand. "Honey, you don't intend to live there with your wife and our child?" she asked while gently caressing her flat stomach.

The other women all nodded in agreement. "Yes, it's important for a child to have their parents there." Spoke Felicia.

"Their Aunts too!" Said Rubellia.

"Wait! How did this all come to be? I had intended to build my own house near Treyni's tree, but of the people here, only Shion, Shuna, and Treyni would be able to go stay there without quickly being poisoned by the ambient magical energy."

"That…" this time, the sisters were stumped alongside their human companions.

Although magical energy flowed through every living being in this world, if a person was exposed to too much mana, it becomes a poison for them.

If I hadn't been born from the same energy as Veldora was producing, the ambient mana there would have killed me when I entered his cavern.

Treyni stepped forward, and just when I thought she was going to caress my face, she pinched my cheeks with a slightly angry smile. "Honey, if you know that it's dangerous, why would you even think of keeping our child and me there!" she spoke with veins throbbing on her forehead.

"No! Well, um, I was told that beings born from magic aren't affected by the magical energy they were born from, so—"

"That only works for monsters born directly from concentrated mana like yourself!!! Our child will just be a slightly more powerful version of whatever race it is. At their level and without knowing how to control the mana around them, they'll basically be the same as those merchants there!" At the end of her statement, she pointed towards human women who were quite pitiful in terms of their magical capacity.

They all looked away, slightly ashamed after being compared to a newborn child.

"Err, I'm sorry, Treyni. I didn't know. As the center of our territory, I thought it only made sense to build our city around your tree and to have our home there since it would be in a central location that overlooks the surrounding territory." I scratched my head wryly and then hugged her to appease the new mother.

I didn't think it would be an issue, since we made love together and slept there, but perhaps it would be difficult after all.

She raised her brow, but the seemingly recalling the fact that I was an otherworlder, only reborn a few couple of months ago, Treyni simply sighed and nodded.

"That's not a bad idea in of itself. Unfortunately, we don't have any way to deal with the excessive amount of mana. Without that, we won't be able to move our people into that area." Treyni said.

I thought about it for a moment and nodded. Indeed, most of our people wouldn't be able to handle the environment as is. If only we had a way to dilute the ambient mana…

'Saul, is there anything in the store that can reduce the ambient mana levels?' I asked on a whim.

『Searching… Although there is nothing listed having the purpose of decreasing mana levels, I have found several items that does so as a side effect of its primary purpose. Would you like to see them?』

'Oh? Nice work, Saul! Show me the items.' I thought excitedly.

『Understood. Displaying mana fueled items.』

Soon, a seemingly endless list appeared, filled with all sorts of items. Some I couldn't believe were there, and others I had no clue what they even were.


Mana Fueled Items:

- Magic Pen: 3sp

- Magic Cards: 5sp

- Magic Massager:10sp

- Magic Bulb x 4: 20sp

- Magic Fan: 25sp

- Magic Phone: 30sp

- Magic Cooler: 50sp

- Magic Trainer I: 80sp

- …

- Magic Capsule: 100sp

- Magic Washer/Dryer: 120sp

- Magic Water Air Condition:145sp

- Magic Well Pump: 150sp

- Magic Oven: 150sp

- Magic Fountain: 200sp

- Magic Scanner: 300sp

- Magic Carriage: 350sp

- Magic Hammer: 500sp

- Magic Trainer V: 800sp

- Magic Interactive Display 32": 1000sp

- Magic Transmitter: 1,500sp

- …

- Magic Springs: 5,000sp

- Magic Trainer X: 8,000sp

- Magic Cannon X: 10,000sp

- Magic Barrier: 20,000sp

- Magic Gate: 50,000sp

- Magic Trainer XX: 80,000sp

- Magic Cannon XX: 100,000sp

- Magic Sentry Tower: 200,000sp

- Magic Trainer XXX: 800,000

- Magic Cannon XXX: 1,000,000sp

- Magic Aerial Transport: 2,000,000sp

- …


'I want it… I want it all!' I exclaimed with glistening eyes.

『Error. Insufficient sp to purchase all items. To purchase one of each, you need—』

'That's quite alright, Saul! I simply lost out to my greed for a moment. No need to expound upon those numbers.' I quickly stopped it before I set off a flag to purchase everything in the shop.

『Understood, Orion.』

Looking at it, I was quite surprised to see so many items, but the most interesting were the magic transmitter and the display.

Soon, a plan began coming together. I had finally figured out how to solve the dilemma of issuing quests and rewards.

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