63 What did I do Last Night!


What the hell just hit me... uh, I feel awful. What did I do to get such an awful hangover? Why did a rock just fall from the ceiling... oh. A quick look around is all I need to find my answer. The building that I was in has been almost completely destroyed. Whatever is left of the building is occasionally falling to the ground. People are sprawled out all over the place. I try to get up for a better view but trip and fall back to the ground to find that Lia is asleep while hugging my tail again. Between her and the hangover, I can't bring myself to try and get up too much effort. My head hurts, I need water.

After around an hour, I see Milla get up and look around before walking over here. "From now on, if you're going to drink then you can't do it anywhere need the base."

"Can you be quiet, my head hurts. And get me some water."

"Why not get your own water, can't you just make some?"


Why didn't I think of that? I grab a nearby mug and use my Element Creation to fill it with water, taking a few sips then laying back down. This process repeats for a little over an hour until Lia wakes up and uses some kind of healing magic to restore my condition.

"Alright so how did this place collapse like this, I don't remember much of what happened last night."

Both Lia and Milla look at each other before turning their gaze back at me, asking, "do you really not remember what happened last night? What is the last thing you remember?"

"I don't. The last memories I have are when we came back here to eat. The was a fully cooked cow, I remember it being really tasty, but I don't think it is as good as the skewers from the old man's food stand in Draelgium. Then I remember that the Dwarves brought in a large number of barrels, filled with alcohol. I don't really remember anything past that though. So what happened to the building?"

Shaking her head, Milla responds, "Just remember that if you want to drink, do it away from Mount Dragspear. You created this mess and I don't want to see a repeat of this back at the base. Now get up, we are leaving today so get ready."

"Wait! What do you mean I did this? What did I do that turned this place into crumbling ruins!?"

Ignoring my pleas, Milla walks away while Lia just says that I should be careful to drink in moderation before following after Milla. Reluctantly I follow them on the long walk towards our carriage by the city gates. Waiting around our carriage is Skorsug and a few other Dwarves.

"I heard that you lot were up and about, seems you really enjoyed yourselves last night, didn't you?"

Even with my head turned away, I can feel it, those words are 100% directed towards me.

"On behalf of my compatriates, I will apologise for her actions last night."

"Don't worry, Khatun Milla, on the contrary," walking over towards me, Skorsug gives me a strange look before continuing, "we are rather thankful over your display last night, Miss Cordelia. You've taught us a valuable lesson, one that I never would have even thought of before. From now on we Dwarves will be extra careful when drinking, so we don't end up like you."

"...Seriously, will someone tell me what the hell happened last night!"

Listening to my screams, no one dares to look straight at me as they all simultaneously say, "I don't want to talk about it."

Was it really that bad? As I am still trying to figure out what happened, the other two say their goodbyes and drag me into the carriage as we begin to make our way back.

"Since we finished this little job sooner than expected, I think we can afford to stop at a nearby town and do some quest for the Guild. Its been a while since any of us have done them, so it is about time we do so, good timing since Cordelia should still have a couple more days left on her shapeshift. Lia, where is the closest Guild branch?"

"Unless we backtrack and return to The Great Forge, the next closest is at Siriliam, just a couple hours east of our position."

"Oh, so that's where we are. I'll direct the Drakes to change our course, can you snap Cordelia out from her trance and fill her in."

Huh? what's going on--



"My, what a cute sound you made."

"Do not blow into my ear ever again..." I refuse to admit that it felt nice.

"I'm sorry, but teasing you is so much fun. Anyway, there has been a small change of plans. We are going head towards a nearby city to do a quest or two for the Guild, it's been a while since any of us have done so and it's about time we meet our quota. Afterwards, the two of us will head to the west coast and set sail for Lausiel while Milla takes care of things around here."

"I'm fine with that, but I get the feeling you have no awareness over the fact that I am an evil giant Dragon who is capable of killing you."

"No, I'm fully aware of that, but I know you won't do it, especially after what I heard you tell me last night."

"Huh? Hold on! You just said something really important! What happened last night! Tell me!"

"I. Am. Not. Telling."

Seriously! What the hell did I do while I was Drunk!

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