37 The War of Lake Giras [Part 1]

It didn't take long for me to find the river in question, despite there being plenty of rivers along the way. Why? For starters, this one is the largest and is actually capable of containing my width, and while its depth isn't capable of keeping me completely submerged, it looks to be enough to prevent any loss of health while travelling. But the biggest selling point is the two groups of people staring each other down from opposite sides of the river. Oh, and there are a few large warships, like super large, easily the biggest ships I've seen yet. If I were to take a guess, these two groups are the Kingdom of Talos and the United Kingdom of Agura-Ulldar.

Sneaking past them... yeah, that's going to be a no, there is no possible way I could sneak by them. Probably the biggest fault of being so large is my inability to hide myself when I'm away from the deep ocean. I really don't have a choice but to fight both sides if I want to contend for the Elemental Root, don't I? Not that I'm complaining, but fighting two large groups at once while also confined to a small area is, needless to say very difficult.

The first thing I should do--



Before I could even think of a plan, the warships start firing at each other. Meanwhile, on each side of the river, there are volleys of arrows and all sorts of magic being thrown around at each other. Looks like there are even rudimentary firearms beings used, although its hard to really tell from so far away.

This isn't quite what I was expecting, but this is fine. This is completely fine and to my advantage. I still don't think I can sneak my way through, but I should be able to enter the river without the interference of the warships. I've got a plan, I've always got a plan.

Adding more chaos to the already chaotic fight, I rise from the see whilst using my Acid Beam. But I don't have it aimed at anyone in particular, rather, I aim it upwards into the sky. And what goes up must come down, as within seconds my acid falls down from above, raining on both sides of this war. Due to the dispersion, I don't get too much value out from my Acid Beam, but it does cause a good enough distraction for me to slip by the ships before they get a chance to shoot me.

However, entering the river comes with its own problems. From here until I reach Lake Giras, my movement will be both very restricted and predictable. By most standards the river my be large but to me, it's still a little too small. I don't have any room to dodge any attacks that get sent my way nor do I have the ability to turn around without jumping out of the river and making the turn on land. The die was cast the moment I entered the river, there is no more turning back now.

Both sides keep shooting at each other but despite me interruption, although they both diverted a portion of their attacks towards me. Perhaps because this location is far from the lake, but it feels as though the only people here are the common soldiers. Neither the Agura-Ulldar nor Talonian soldiers are able to get much damage done to me, with the exception of the few lightning attacks that come my way. Although I really want to get up and kill those lightning users, I need to keep going, fighting in a river that I can hardly move in is just too difficult when I'm surrounded by potential enemies.

"Damn this monster! I knew that monsters have a history of fighting for Elemental Roots, but this thing is too much for us, how can mere border patrols deal with something like this. Even if we have been given reinforcements in preparation for war with Agura-Ulldar over the Root, at the end of the day we are just border troops. Get a messenger ready and send word! A massive sea monster is coming from the river, its goal is like the forming Dual Elemental Root. By my order as Commander of the Border Guard, cease all fire towards the troops of Agura-Ulldar and focus everything on the sea monster. The birth of an Elemental Root is a once in a millennia event and a dual root is even rarer, do not let another monster take an Elemental Root from us again!"

"Huh? The Talonians have stopped attacking us, why... I see. If that is the case, then we join them. Soldier of Agura-Ulldar! Change focus from the Talonians and aim everything we've got at the monster in the river. The only Human nation to have obtained an Elemental Root is the Empire of Lausiel, the handful of others have been taken by the Elves and Dwarves or stolen by various monsters! I'd rather see the Root in the hands of the ageing Kingdom of Talos before I see a monster snatch it right before my eyes! Take aim and fire!"

Why did they suddenly stop shooting each other!? And now everything is being aimed at me, what the hell! The two sides aren't even in contact with each other, just how the hell did both sides agree to a ceasefire at the same fucking time! A handful of arrows and a few stray magic attacks don't mean much, but how was I supposed to know that two opposing sides would suddenly come to an agreement! Just what is it that I'm unaware of that pushed them to work together!?

Damn it! I don't have the luxury to think about that right now! Hurriedly, I use Water Wall to dampen the effect of most of the attacks coming my way and thankfully some of their mages are stupid enough to use water magic, allowing me to heal up a lot of the damage I just took. But all the lightning attacks force me to stop running as it causes many of my muscles to freeze up for a brief moment.

Upon seeing my response to the different elements most of the people who can switch over to using lighting and stop using water, ice, and fire attacks. I can't just do nothing and ignore them anymore. I rise up again but not in retaliation, killing them all or even enough of them to halt their attacks would take far too long so I've got a better idea.

I use several Water Wall's around me and quickly follow up with an Ice Breath. As the two make contact it goes just as I planned, the Water Wall freezes creating a shield of ice that surrounds me. This isn't a perfect solution as the walls of ice are quickly destroyed under a barrage of fire and lightning attacks and I need to keep using my MP and SP to craft new ones, but the direct damage I take from their attacks goes down drastically. Unfortunately, I'm probably still in for a long ride before reaching the lake...

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