18 One Name off the List

Name: N/A

Race: Adult Ignisauros

Tier: 6

Titles: Cannibal, Final Survivor

Level: 5

State: Enraged/Slightly Malnourished

HP: 1,590/1,590 (-159) MP: 1,534/1,534 (-154) SP: 1,327/1,327 (-133)

STR: 317 (-32)

VIT: 1,099 (-110)

DEX: 166 (-17)

INT: 875 (-87)

WIS: 1064 (-106)

MND: 954 (-95)

Details: A Sauropod that was thought to have gone extinct 150 million years ago. A unique type of Sauropod that is not as durable and mighty as others but has increased magical capabilities. Due to a sudden lack of food, it had to eat its brethren that fell to hunger. As a result of being slightly malnourished, it has all stats reduced by 10%. The last of the Ignisauros.

This is my fault isn't it, this Sauropod becoming a cannibal and the lack of food. It's even the last of it's kind. All of these are totally my fault... not my problem, it's not like I'm a Sauropod. Although I do pity you for having to eat your siblings, that won't stop me from taking some revenge for what happened before... ha, who am I kidding, I don't pity these guys in the slightest.

Why don't I try out this magic thing, do I just think about it the same way I do for skills?

"To use magic, one must conjure an image in the mind corresponding to the spell. People usually have a specific chant to help maintain the image but monsters only need to think and visualise the spell."

So it's pretty much what I've already been doing for other skills. Then let's go, Ice Shard. Visualising a sharp icicle being thrown at my opponent, the air quickly chills as that very image becomes reality and shoots at the sauropod. But when I watch the beast's health, it only does 2 damage, dropping its health to 1,429. That's so weak!

In retaliation, a fireball comes flying my way once more, but this time I'm ready for it. I opt to use my new defensive magic, Water Wall. When I saw the description for this I just knew it would be great against the Ignisauros. Reduces the damage from any attack that passes through the wall by 10% and further reduced fire elemental damage by 50%. As the fireball passes through my Water Wall, the intensity visibly lessens and I end up taking 42 damage. This is far more manageable than before.

While under fire, I move up to the shore and launch myself from the water and being to slither up to the Sauropod. It tries to stomp on me but its slow speed makes it easy to dodge as I begin to coil around its large body, biting into its neck, using my Venomous Bite before it throws me off. Landing back onto the ground, I retreat back to the water to prevent the passive damage from ticking for being out of the water and put up another Water Wall as a new set of fireballs are thrown my way.

Although the strength and speed are reduced due to the Water Wall, with my body as large as it is, I still take two of the three fireballs launched at me, dealing 84 damage. But looking at its health it has also lost 69 HP more from the venom I injected. With its defensive ability being far superior to my attacks, the best way to win this will be through a battle of attrition. Aiming for the easy to hit body of the Sauropod, I use my Acid Beam, getting a good hit onto its side. I move around to the opposite to throw another shot out, taking one more fireball in the process, but I managed to hit the mark, covering both sides of the Sauropods body in my Acid.

With the objective complete I shift my focus entirely onto dodging and reducing all potential damage. My large size makes it hard to manoeuvre in this lake causing me to take more shots than I realistically should, taking me down to 457 HP. But in the time it has taken to land all those hits, the Sauropod has taken 755 damage combined from all my acid and venom. But the effects have worn off and I can't afford to keep taking hits.

I take another shot with my Acid Beam, but it's poorly aimed at the neck and the Ignisauros dodges it with little effort and quickly launches a retaliatory fireball. In addition to my Water Wall, I use my Water breath aimed at the fireball. While I can't cause the whole thing to fizzle, I do manage to reduce the damage even further taking only 21 damage from the attack. The collision of my Water Breath and the fireball created a large amount of steam that I use as cover get two good hits on to the body of the Sauropod. Even with the cover from the steam, the Sauropod still manages to get one a good hit that I couldn't prep for through the steam, causing me to take the full damage.

After another minute has passed I lost another chunk of my health, leaving only 142 HP left, but my opponent if worse off. The Ignisauros had taken 618 damage from my acid, leaving it with hardly anything left at 56 HP. With its health so low, I launch an all-out attack using everything I possibly can to end this as soon as possible. Ice Shard, Ice Breath, Water Breath, Acid Beam. Under the barrage of my attacks and the ticking damage every few seconds from my previously applied acid, I cross off a name from my mental hit list as the beast falls at long last.

"You have slain a Level 5 Adult Ignisauros. You have gained 217 EXP. Because you have slain a monster of a higher evolutionary state, your total EXP has doubled. You have gained a total of 437 EXP. You have received the Title, 'Life's End'."

Before checking out this new title, I make sure to begin eating the Sauropod. The monster is so big that I couldn't finish it in a single sitting and now I have to wait around for the portion I ate to digest. Might as well check out this new title.

"The Title, 'Life's End', is awarded to those whose actions have directly brought an end to a species. Bring an end to an entire order of monsters to upgrade this Title."

If I'm the one responsible for the death of all the Ignisauros then I should receive their souls of the other ones that died of hunger. Ok, that might be pushing it a little. Anyway, It sounds as if something will happen if I kill off all the Sauropods, but that seems like a lot of work. Just killing a single one took a lot of effort, granted it was a higher evolution and level. The reward proba--

"Hey, you little shits this is mine don't touch that!"

My thoughts are interrupted as I find several groups of small scavengers eat the carcase of the Ignisauros. I fire off a few Ice Shards and my Ice Breath, but those little guys are ridiculously fast, avoiding all my attacks. Oh, there is an easy way to stop them. New plan, time to drag the body into the lake with me. This seems to work too, as none of the scavengers are willing to approach the water, with all of them reluctantly deciding to leave. Eventually, I digest the first half and begin work on the remaining parts of the Sauropod. With the entirety of the giant fully consumed and digested I manage to gain a total of 643kg of biomatter.

I probably could have gotten more biomatter if I had noticed the scavengers sooner, but I can't chase them without quite literally killing myself. This isn't much of a problem though as I have other things to worry about now. I'm clearly far too large to be contained within the lakes and rivers of this island now. I'm going to have to return to the ocean and find a way to get past Cetus. But first, I still have to pay a certain croc a visit.

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