91 Chapter 90: Fail...

(A/N: Try listening to Heilung-krigsgaldr on repeat for this chapter)

Some minutes earlier,

Torug's POV,

Not long after I left Govan with Urim, I noticed a new icon in my vision. It looked like a green health bar, but for what, I had no idea.

After a few seconds, the green bar began shrinking at varying speeds and I began to suspect this had something to do with the quest. A strong sense of urgency set in and I became restless, the others felt it as well.

"Bro..." Urim tried asking but I cut him off, "We need to hurry".

'If my calculations are correct, then it would take about 20+ minutes for the carriage or whatever the system is projecting to...' I frowned, 'its not that simple, something else could happen and I won't even get to Thann's end within an hour'.

'Do I have to use a Sacred order? no too risky... Right!' My frown relaxed, 'might as well...'


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