90 Chapter 89: Explosive Entrance

(A/N: so before you read this chapter, I'd like you to listen to this song on repeat in the background, that's what I was listening to while writing this..."Th3 Darp x Godmode- Samuria)

Torug's POV,

I watched Moz silently as she kept muttering incoherent words while looking visibly shaken. Urim tried questioning further but I stopped him and chose to wait patiently.

But then, a system prompt gave me a rather shocking message.


[Your surbodinate Janetta Sewell has triggered a Hidden Quest]

[Changing Fate 1(ongoing): By stealing Aether from the Moongret safe house, you have reduced the chances of Davis Fairchild earning his first power up and affected the plans of the Radiant Sun Church.


*The Aether arrives at Blackmoon Town before Greyeye's visit.

*Help Janetta Sewell escapes Alive.

Reward: ???

As soon as I read the details, I couldn't help laughing out loud.


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