102 Chapter 101: Memories pt 1

Torug's POV,

"Was I hallucinating?"I couldn't help but wonder, the massive eye disappeared as quickly as it came.

Warily, I approached the entrance...'there was no signs of that in the Novel, is it because I came earlier?'.

I pushed my hand into the entrance and it passed through without any problems, I looked at my hand and then looked at the entrance before decisively walking through it.

"Strange..." I muttered while looking at the entrance again, Alpha tried to approach but couldn't pass through, in the end he began to throw a tantrum as he paced in front of the entrance.

"Hey... Alpha, just wait for me ok? don't let anyone in" I could only say this but it calmed him down, he looked around cautiously before nodding repeatedly and lying at the side of the entrance...who knows what it was thinking.


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