Evol: Vampire Romance Book

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Evol: Vampire Romance


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Brooke Miller moved. She moved to a new town, without knowing a single soul. When she arrives, she can already tell how old this town is, how outdated - she's certain fitting in will be impossible. Meeting Julian Jones is both a curse and a prize. Yes, he's gorgeous. Yes, he's cruel. Yes, everyone stays clear of him. But there's something about Julian that just isn't normal - besides his inability to stop staring at Brooke. She doesn't understand him. And yet, she finds herself wanting to - but, there are monsters crawling the town, monsters nobody knows about. A series of events pushes Brooke and Julian closer, but he's not what he seems. The shocking truth has to be revealed soon enough - whether Brooke can still love him is uncertain. A threat becomes lethally dangerous as Brooke's atheist nature turns out to be the key to getting something that every vampyre wants, especially the oldest of them all - Julian's father. When everyone wants something, and protection is limited, chances are they'll get it. But when it's one thing Julian can't stand to lose, how far will he go to keep Brooke alive?


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