1 CHAPTER 1: The curse

There was once a kingdom called Convinal. where flowers would bloom, the sun would shine and people would sing and dance all day and night. This kingdom was found deep in the forest of Ubuntu in Africa.

It was next to a small and wonderful land known as Oceania, it was indeed a beautiful land.

Oceania was ruled by twin princes, the light and the dark prince.

The light prince Isaac, had water powers while the dark prince Ken, had fire powers. The reason why they were called the light and dark prince was because, the light Prince's powers worked during the day and the dark Prince's powers worked during the night, but when they were together their powers worked either way that's why they always worked with each other. Their younger brother Tom, envied them.

He always reminded them that there can only be one ruler not two..

Both princes accepted the situation but their brother didn't rest, he wanted to become King but knew that both brothers were too powerful to destroy by himself, so he tried everything for them to end up destroying each other but nothing worked.

One day while he was walking and listening to his thoughts, he eyes caught an angel from a distance. the most beautiful maiden he ever seen. She had wide, hazel eyes you could see from a distance and just like that, he fell for her. Days went by, and as he got to know her, he knew that the maiden was a princess from Convinal and also out for more power.

He and the maiden joined forces and came up with a plan to destroy the two brothers.

Weeks went by and he decided to begin his plan by introducing the young maiden to both his brothers as his friend. Both brothers were amazed by the young maiden's beauty and fell for her in a nick of time.

Few days later while the young maiden lived in their castle, she got to spend time with both of them and the unexpected happened, she ended up falling in love with the light prince.

She told Tom that she had fallen for Isaac and wants to abort their plan.

Tom didn't want to let her go that easily, he wanted her for himself, so he delivered the same massege to Ken . Ken started a war with the light prince, he killed him and took his soul.

Due to her heart break, she used all the power she had and killed Ken. After Ken died his soul along with Isaac's got pulled up in orchid flower that went straight to the forbidden forest.

Years went by, Tom ended up marrying the love of his life, joined the two kingdoms and named their one big kingdom CONVENSIA then finally, they built a family with power by their side.

Even though Tom was happy the young maiden wasn't.

They had two children, Carson was the eldest son and Lewis was the youngest one.

Years later, their mother died of sadness and Carson was crowned king while Lewis was sent to knight academy even though his wish was to become king.

Carson got married to a maiden whose name was Emily and ruled the kingdom with her.

Him and her were the kindest rulers ever lived and brought light, peace and harmony to the kingdom.

After years of trying to have kids, they revealed shocking news, that the both of them can't have kids.

Since then, their lives turned upside down after his father decided that if he can't continue his family legacy by having a descendant, then Lewis must take over. That scared Carson a lot because he knew that if the kingdom fell in the hands of his brother. The kingdom will surely fall apart and wouldn't live to see another day.

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He went to his royal wizard to ask him if he had a portion or herb to make him and his wife have a descendant.

The royal wizard told him that there was an orchid flower in the forbidden forest that can help him but warned him that it might be cursed. Due to his desperation, Carson was determined to do anything for his kingdom.

So he went to the forbidden forest without looking back to find the flower.

Luckily he came back safe and sound.

That night Tom died after Carson delivered the flower to the castle. They didn't know the course of his death because before that he was perfectly fine and healthy.

The flower was beautiful, it had big petals with bright and dark colors.

The wizard made them the portion using the flower and they both drank the portion.

Few weeks later Emily fell pregnant and that made Carson very happy, his wife's pregnancy solved all their problems.

Months later on the 12th of may, it was a dark and stormy night.

Queen Emily gave birth to twins, who were the most handsome boys in all of Convensia.

The first son was Jake whose eyes were red as lava and was blessed with fire powers.

The second son was Jace whose eyes were blue as the ocean and was blessed with water powers.

After they were born, the moon changed to two parts, red and blue.

That caught the wizard's attention. He rushed to the king and queen's bedroom to tell them that the curse was real, the dark and light princes are back & the dark prince must be destroyed before midnight or else at his 20th birthday, he'll destroy everyone and everything he sees and touches. He also mentioned that their mother was the only one who can identify and kill them.

It was 2 minutes before midnight when their mother took both of them in her arms to identify and kill the evil dark prince. After seconds of trying to identify him, she became pale and died. The evil twin was too powerful so he took the life of his mother.

Two minutes past and the evil Twin became unidentifiable and immortal, he could only be destroyed by his own flesh and blood twin