At unknown plain there stood a majestic royal castle. It was an unbelievable sight; it covered an immense area of the plain.

Encircling the castle had lofty walls making it a stronghold which even the strongest army would find difficult to cross over.

Castle had a gigantic fountain in front of it, which was flowing with pure white crystalline water. It had a sacred aura to it, bestowing a grand spectacle at the entrance.

Inside the castle existed a royal hall massive enough to hold thousands of people at once. Massive pillars were supporting the hall with ancient art carved on them.

At the sidewalls, many royal paintings were drawn, which did justice to the majestic hall. It seems to be drawn by the best artists in this world.

At the end of the hall in the centre stood a royal throne. It was magnanimous, which wasn't even comparable with the ones in enormous empires. It gave a majestic glow throughout the hall.

On the throne, a man with a black robe leaned on it. He had a dark aura around him that enveloped the whole hall. It gave chills to the bone to whoever was in the hall rendering them motionless, having feared to lose their lives in the slightest mistake. His abyss-like deep black intense eyes gave fear of falling into the depths of the abyss.

The man gave a deep sigh as he glanced towards the woman standing in front of him.

She wore a white sleeveless gown which gave her elegant charm. Her beauty can make men flock around all the time and offer everything to her with a mere few words from her. Her elegantly curved lustrous body can awake the deepest desire of even holy saints and want them to conquer her.

She had a troubled expression all over her face. Which didn't do any right to her beautiful face. Her stunning red eyes staring at the man intensely with a worried look in them.

"So, it's finally the moment which will determine the destiny of this world. They're here with innumerable visitors." His eyebrows shook but a fraction as the man spoke in an eerie voice.

"Lord, they may have arrived here on their own but they won't be able to leave alive out of here. Let this one take care of them, Lord doesn't have to go himself." Women declared arrogantly as she threw her chin forward emitting an intense killing aura.

"I'm sufficiently aware of your capabilities and strengths, but you're still no match for them."

"Lord, please give this one an opportunity, with the magic array this one has set, this one is confident enough to handle them." She looked intently towards the man showing her determination.

The man stared at her for a bit, noticing her conviction he waved his hand. "Okay, but don't overdo and be within your capabilities."

"Yes, my lord, this one won't bring shame to your name." She bowed respectfully a subtle smile appeared on her face for an instant but soon it turned into a look of determination.

A heavy gust of wind appeared around her as it encircled her shortly before disappearing with the women.

Outside the walls of the castle, there was deep mist covering thousands of miles of the region around it. It was like a different world contradicted with the inner side of castle walls.

This mist region gave birth to various types of dangerous mana beast which no ordinary mage qualified to deal with. It was one of the most disastrous regions for survival.

Presently, there were thousands of mages fighting with mana beasts as they paved their path after brushing death countless times in the process by taking their lives. With full vigour, they attacked and destroyed everything with various large magical attacks. Seeing their powers many mana beasts hesitated to battle and ran away.

Soon after travelling and battling through the mist region, they arrived at the place where they can see the front of the castle walls from.

Inside the walls in the middle of the area women wearing the white robe flying over. Her white hair flowing like flowers in a garden with the breeze stunningly.

She glared in hatred at the force which was advancing towards the castle.

She started accumulating mana from her core, the entire area began to shroud with powerful storms. She inhaled and initiated a magic array which started to build a shield of wind wrapping the walls of the castle coating the whole fortress.

After noticing it several mages gasped at the mana fluctuations around the women giving deep chills to the bone. It was overwhelming pressure.


With a loud sound as the trigger, the plain in the proximity erupted while defending against disastrous tremors windshield shook negligibly.

With space rending sound, three flashes of light appeared. As the light scattered, there stood three figures radiating ruthless power.

Inside the fortress, the women's brows twitched for a fraction as she laughed and spoke in an eerie voice, "how come the biggest enemies since ancient times elves, humans and demons are banding together and came here? Didn't you despise each other to no end?"

"Humph, little girl, isn't it obvious why we're here?" An old man stroked his white beard as he gave the look of disdain.

"Girl, stop your futile resistance and leave already, I will spare your insignificant life." A female elf stepped forward arrogantly and warned.

"Hahaha, that isn't right, woman although you got insignificant skills you still retain some charming curves, surrender now and I will give you my favour and make you one of my concubines." A demon laughed as he stared at her entire body.

"Humph, all you think it's easy to trample over my lord's territory? Let me show you the consequences of coming here!" Women glared at them with hatred as she said.

She clenched her fist as murderous intent flared out from red eyes. She poured more mana into an array as the windshield grew thicker and more layers surrounding it.

Three figures glared at it and didn't mind talking more as they began commencing a barrage of magic attacks at the windshield one by one. The windshield trembled slightly from attacks but immediately it became still as nothing occurred.

Three figures had a look of surprise as they saw, still unharmed windshield array. The power they used wasn't some ordinary shield array can withstand not to mention three of them attacked together.

"Not bad, not bad, little girl, you got some skills to create and manage this array while withstanding attacks from three of us." the old man said as he stared at the woman.

The woman frowned a little as to maintain this array lot of her mana was consumed, sweat has begun to materialize on her forehead. The attacks of three were too powerful, although the shield didn't suffer any damage it won't take long if they start to attack with more power.

Her concerns came crashing into reality as three figures started gathering mana. The whole plains shook as storms started to appear around them; the glowing aura of their powers encircled them. All the forces down started to tremble with fear from the just atmosphere around them.

Seeing this, the woman began to pour her entire mana into an array with all her might, she started gasping as more and more mana was used.

With rays of colourful flash, three figures launched their bombardment of attacks at the windshield, it was massive enough to swallow it whole. Cracks began to appear on the windshield, as the whole plain shook from the earthquake.

As the assault of three figures kept going, it wiped out the windshield, the power of attacks reduced a lot with the windshield but some still had enough power as those attacks landed on women.


The windshield got destroyed, the walls surrounding it became mounds of dust as they blew away with massive after-attack waves.

The woman still was floating in the air with her white robe that had been torn to shreds. Her white elegant hair was dishevelled and her entire body was covered in blood.

She looked around her as she saw three figures with smug on their faces and looking down on her. Her vision became a blur as not having any mana left, she began to fall.

Abruptly whole region shook with tremors, dark clouds started to appear with endless thunder rumbling as it envelops the entire region. Black lightning struck throughout the region. The forces on the ground got struck by it became like a pile of dust instantly.

In a moment of a breath, everyone present was filled with terror as the fear engulfed their entire existence. They lost the ability to think as the only feeling which they felt was fear. Fear of aura which they felt when the dark cloud appeared and the terror when lightning struck on the people around them who became a pile of dust in an instance.

Three figures who were just carrying a smug of triumphant moments ago became still as the two eyes which looked down on their existence appeared in dark clouds. The chill went through their entire body to the bone as they gazed at those eyes.

The figure appeared from clouds as it instantly arrived next to the woman who was falling. The figure caught and held the woman in his arms. Everything happened instantly but to those around it wasn't like that as they couldn't even breathe in this horrific environment.

The man generated a black fire as it covered the woman within his arms. The aura of black flame struck fear in three figures' hearts. The flames soon disappeared as the woman started to float in the air again near the man.

The shocked look was on the faces of three figures as the woman although still was in torn white robe revealing her body parts with pale white skin. She was unharmed to the point that came off as if nothing had occurred.

"Hahaha, it's impressive to see the three leading figures of elves, humans, and demons together. What brings you here to this land of mine?" The man spoke calmly but no one could reply as they still can feel the frightening aura.

"Humph, so it's true that you had a breakthrough to the next realm!" the old man spoke as he stroked his white beard while still feeling the sense of danger from the man's aura.

"Hahaha, it's true but you still haven't replied to my question, you old fart!" The surroundings and people entered his eyes yet none of them were reflected within. He wouldn't even deign to look at them.

This was the strongest mage in this world after having a breakthrough. Even the force on the ground which had elites from all over their respective regions was nothing but ants in his eyes.

"Evil mage, stop attempting to resist anymore, today all the major factions of the world have combined just to destroy your evil lair. This place is already encircled with elite forces, this time you will be decapitated!" the old man declared.

"Evil mage, just because you wanted power, you've gone and killed thousands of people. You've committed too many unforgivable, heinous sins!" A female elf announced.

"Evil mage, a man must be able to understand the situation he's in, surrender obediently and I shall give you clean painless death otherwise you will regret being born in this world." A demon man urged.

"Hahaha, so all three of you are here with your forces to claim my life. Aren't you all being too overbearing? Are you three even capable of doing it? Huh? Tell me. Demon Lord, elf queen, and old human mage lord?" As he spoke, he gave a frightening aura that covered the entire region with murderous intent flaring up in his abyss-like black eyes.

This is the start of the legendary survival battle in this world which will decide its fate.

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