11 When Life Gives You Old Man Costumes, Leave the Mansion to Buy Candy.

Bai Jingfei was currently dressed as an old man, hunched over in torn robes and sporting a fake beard. She was roaming around a busy market place, a sack thrown over her back, and holding a walking stick.

To understand how she was in this odd situation we must go back to two hours before, when Bai Jingfei woke up from her 15 hour nap.

She left the room yawning, her whole body sore from running through the forest almost three days ago. Right after leaving the room she walked toward her father's study.

She had already been in the Bai family mansion for more than a week so she was somewhat familiar with the layout.

Unfortunately, she still lacked a sense of direction and got lost anyway.

The cave creature turned mansion creature walked around the mansion haphazardly as she tried to navigate her way to her father's study, hoping to negotiate the bitter medicine she had been forced to eat.

The halls were empty and all Bai Jingfei could see was an endless line of pillars leading to god only knows where. At least the bitter medicine seemed to have helped. She wasn't nearly as exhausted as before.

As she walked toward an end not in sight, she came across a room that looked suspiciously like a treasury.

As a gold-greedy goblin, Bai Jingfei instantly pushed open the door to take a look.

Inside was a dirty pile of makeup and weird looking costumes. Ancient robes of cheap quality and different pins and accessories were scattered and hung from every corner of the almost dingy room.

It probably was from an acting troupe prime minister Bai hired to entertain high ranking guests.

Bai Jingfei put up a bamboo partition that was lying on the floor and quickly changed into a little robe.

She had no talent in makeup but she attempted it anyway, drawing wrinkles with eyeliner and blurring it out to achieve a semi realistic look.

Of course, if you came close enough you'd be able to spot something unnatural about her.

After she pasted a beard onto her face, Bai Jingfei felt like she had truly achieved something great. She looked incredibly like a suspicious old man.

Now given a bunch of disguises, Bai Jingfei decided to go out exploring. She had no concern of getting caught, she would just say she was lost while she was missing.

Slipping through the columns and out a hole in the gate, she snuck out of the Bai family mansion.

Situated in what one could only call prime real estate, the mansion was right next to the hustle and bustle of the central market. Of course she was closer to the quiet side that was rather posh, the nobles' market.

Bai Jingfei skipped towards the nearest shop not realizing the visual of a 5'2 old man just skipping around on the streets, long white beard flowing in the wind behind her.

Then she fell.

While this might seem rather blasé to readers, Bai Jingfei was helped up by a shocked young man who evidently hadn't noticed the skipping that had led to her fall.

He walked Bai Jingfei over to a stool, offering her a cane so she wouldn't trip again.

Bai Jingfei shamelessly took it.

After thanking the young man, Bai Jingfei realized that his shop had exactly what she was looking for, candy.

Prime minister Bai had not allowed her sweets ever since she had started the bitter medication, calling sweets unhealthy and telling her that they would make her tired and lethargic.

Fortunately, Bai Jingfei was extremely energetic and was hungry.

Driven by hunger she bought a pile of sweets from the young man with a grin on her face that was covered by the beard she had on.

"Do you need something to help carry that, Sir?" asked the young man.

Bai Jingfei nodded and was promptly handed a sack. After greedily stuffing the sack full of candy, Bai Jingfei took her leave.

Now she just had to return home, stash the bag under her bed, and no one would ever figure out what happened and she would have her stash of candies that would last a month at the very least.

She stumbled out of the store with the sack on her shoulder, looking the perfect part of a wise old man. Bai Jingfei was delighted at how many people she had managed to fool.

This would again, cause her trouble, like every other decision she had ever made.

As she walked in the direction she thought her home was in, she admired the beautifully paved street, and the little flower pots placed on both sides, humming to herself.

It was a cloudy, almost gloomy day, the kind Bai Jingfei liked the most.

To top it off, the clothes she was wearing were incredibly comfortable. All the beautifully embroidered clothes she had worn since arriving in this world were worth a lot but were heavy and uncomfortable.

What she was wearing now was essentially a beggar's robe made of plain cotton.

Even her leather shoes were comfortable unlike the dainty shoes she was usually forced to wear.

Suddenly Bai Jingfei was pulled out of her happy little world when two men walked over to her. They were both obviously guards, but not ones from the royal family.

'Perhaps they work for a big store here' thought Bai Jingfei.

"Heavenly Doctor Ming, could you please return to the medicinal hall, two customers are creating a ruckus there" said one of the guards, as both of them bowed in sync.

Now it's obvious that Bai Jingfei was not a doctor, let alone a heavenly doctor named Ming.

Bai Jingfei's specialty was weapons, physics and mechanical engineering. She had never learnt, or attempted to learn medicine in any way shape or form.

But the two guards stared at her making it impossible for her to leave without revealing that she wasn't doctor Ming. And if she were to reveal she wasn't doctor Ming she would naturally make them suspicious of her real identity.

Resigning to her fate she whispered as she bent her head forward in despair.

"Lead the way."

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