232 Some of Us Want to Live, Please (1)

Bai Jingfei walked in the sunlight while shielding her face from the bright rays that threatened to blind her. She felt like sneezing as she stared into the sun, so instead of challenging it, she decided to protect herself.

The sun was bright in the Amah kingdom. Much, much brighter than anywhere in the Wang kingdom. The Amah kingdom, was after all, the closest thing to a desert kingdom that the continent had.

While there might not have been endless sand dunes, most of the country was dry and hot. Frustratingly so. 

Bai Jingfei was someone who couldn't take the heat, and because of that, she was frustrated.

The only thing that she could be happy about was that she wasn't with the troop going further south. There were multiple troops going to different places along that Amah kingdom border with the Wang kingdom, and Bai Jingfei was in the most cushy of the lot.


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