16 Rain Summoner Bai Jingfei!

What seemed like the whole kingdom gazed upon Bai Jingfei and her outstretched arms, waiting for something to happen. The silence was nerve wracking, but Bai Jingfei knew that anything that happened could be passed off as a sign from god.

They waited.

And waited.

And waited.

But nothing happened. Nothing at all.

Bai Jingfei turned to look at the priest who had the same reaction as her. Head priest Tang laughed awkwardly and broke off eye contact.

He looked even shabbier than usual and sweat was visible on his clean shaven head.

Bai Jingfei had just about given up when she let out a deep breath and felt something about the air change. She saw a flash in the sky.

'Lightning' she thought.

Then came a rumble from the sky as rain began to fall on them drop by drop. The relief Bai Jingfei felt as she looked up at the dark and cloudy sky was boundless.

'Ah, they were talking about flooding? This was probably expected'

The emperor looked stunned as well. While he had expected something, he hadn't expected rain of all things. The kingdom was currently having problems, including floods in certain regions, so this probably couldn't be called a blessing.

Bai Jingfei looked over the entire view of the palace and laughed gleefully as she looked at the burnt stump of what used to be a prison.

Then she walked over to her father and caught hold of his sleeve, looking as if she would break out into tears at any moment.

Prime minister Bai almost instantly held Bai Jingfei's arm and walked toward the emperor.

"Your Majesty we will be leaving now" said Prime minister Bai, to which the emperor responded with a little waving gesture.

Prime Minister Bai was extremely frustrated. He could tell that whatever was going on was just a charade meant to implicate his daughter. There was no legitimate reason for a priest to ask a child to summon god.

Holy power his foot.

Head priest Tang who thought he had got away with his ability to spout nonsensical words felt a shiver go down his back. He was in for some trouble from prime minister Bai.

Soon the crowd dispersed after watching a so-called miracle. None of them knew what the meaning of the rain was, but most couldn't be bothered with it.

After all, worrying about the kingdom was the job of the ministers, and they weren't getting paid for such trivial things.

If anything went wrong they would simply behead a few ministers, stick those heads on poles and then walk around with said poles and call it a day.

The ministers weren't so carefree.

They gathered a second time in the hall to discuss the meaning of this "response from god" which seemed much like an ill-omen.

Bai Jingfei, though, was done.

She walked back to the carriage with her father, a knight holding up an umbrella for the two of them. Bai Jingfei let out a little sneeze which caused prime minister Bai to hurry up.

If her weak and basically useless body caught a cold there would be severe consequences to say the least.

Bai Jingfei was also slightly worried about her impersonating heavenly doctor Ming. If that grumpy man were to find out that it was her, it was unlikely that she would get off the hook easily.

She was a cave creature, not a fish, she was completely unaccustomed to hooks.

She also had a fleeting thought about Song Yongrui. Perhaps because he had been her partner in crime last time. Or maybe because she had never had a partner in crime before.

Either way she knew that she was somehow thinking about him a little more than she should be and tried to block him out of her mind.

On the way back to the Bai family mansion, Bai Jingfei stared out the window, pulling the red curtains back. She felt the jade bracelet on her hand slip down a little as she watched the raindrops fall down the windows.

She suddenly felt a bit pensive.

It was not like her to be serious but thinking about Song Yongrui, coupled with the gloomy weather made her feel a sort of way she was unable to describe in words.

She had once stood in her little cave, watching rain fall over the forest, the same way it was falling in this world.

It made her miss her cave, no matter how little it was.

Even though she had subconsciously accepted the Bai family mansion as her home she still had some unresolved longing for the places she had lived in for so many years.

The memory, though bitter, was hers after all.

Bai Jingfei was snapped out of her dejected mood by prime minister Bai who finally decided to announce Bai Liu's return back to the Bai family mansion.

It was likely that he would return in a day or two at max.

Bai Jingfei was somewhat confused. She had no idea that she had an elder brother in this world. Prime minister Bai had never spoken of him and neither had the maids.

"Papa, what is big brother like?" asked Bai Jingfei when prime minister Bai finished his announcement.

It struck prime minister Bai yet again, that his daughter truly had lost her memory and no longer remembered her brother.

He began explaining Bai Liu's characteristics to her calmly as if explaining to a three year old.

"Your brother, he- he's a scholar in the best school in the kingdom. He is very smart even if he doesn't seem like that sometimes. He doted on you quite a bit so you need not worry about anything of that... sort…"

Prime minister Bai was obviously talking about inheritance and family wealth being passed down but to Bai Jingfei it sounded like he was trying to tell her that he wasn't a bully.

Of course Bai Jingfei wasn't worried about her brother being a bully.

'I'm the biggest bully out here. There's no way this boy could ever bully me...'

'And if he tried... He'll pay the price hehehehe!'

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