231 Husband in Despair

Bai Jingfei's prince was currently, sitting in his office back in the Jianghu territory.

He didn't know what exactly it was that was worrying him, but for some reason he felt particularly unsettled. He didn't know what it was that he had to be doing with himself.

He felt some heaviness in his heart as he sat, pouring over the different reports in front of him. None of them were getting his attention as he sat there, thinking of how he had been forcibly separated from his wife.

He wanted to be next to her right now, but instead, he was sitting here, with a frown on his face, dreaming of seeing her.

He had to be doing work, but there was no way that he could concentrate with the feeling of dread that was rising in his chest, warning of him of what was to come very very soon. His gut feelings were usually accurate, and that was more worrying than knowing what his wife was like.


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