230 Bai Jingfei, Professional Horse Fearer

Bai Jingfei was currently going down a road with another five hundred or so soldiers.

She was absolutely not used to being on a horse without a carriage, so she huddled into Su Mei's embrace as Sun Mei steered the horse around. Sun Mei was experienced at this, so she had no issues riding the horse, and taking Bai Jingfei with her.

All of these soldiers were soldiers of the Amah kingdom, where the emperor of the Amah kingdom had rallied together. They were all used to fighting under general Sun's leadership because of how many times the countries had allied to fight wars.

General Sun was a great leader, and could lead his soldiers pretty easily, even if they weren't used to him.

One loud bark, and everyone would listen to whatever it was that he had to say. Nobody would ever dare to question him and his decisions.


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