217 Bai Jingfei, Professional Gun Woman (1)

After only a day of moving into the Amah kingdom, Bai Jingfei was settling down very well indeed. She had thought that there was going to be more trouble in settling down, but it had been a little too easy.

It helped that everyone she knew was with her in this sweltering hot country.

The only person she was missing, was her dear soon to be husband. If he had been there, Bai Jingfei probably could've lived in the house comfortably for the rest of her life.

"Oi FeiFei! Come clean up this mess you've made by the furnace!" heavenly doctor Ming yelled out passionately as Bai Jingfei looked through her cupboard.

She quickly rushed to the furnace room with her light and quick footsteps and then looked at heavenly doctor Ming curiously, "Where is the mess?" 


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