227 And So, the War Begins (1)

Bai Jingfei didn't say anything more about the pill. She knew that Sun Mei probably didn't want to talk about it, since it would be incredibly embarrassing. 

So, instead, she put on a fake smile and walked over to the  door.

"I'm going to go… pack…" Bai Jingfei finally waved Sun Mei goodbye and sprinted out of the room with the same fake smile.

Sun Mei sighed, knowing that Bai Jingfei was too embarrassed to say what she had outloud.

The thing was that she had had this from a very young age, and wasn't nearly as embarrassed of it anymore, but that didn't change the fact that she indeed had a problem. The pills she was buying were for one specific problem.


But the location of the rashes was the most embarrassing part, and the part that made it hard for Sun Mei to say it out loud. She had thick skin, but not thick enough for saying this sort of thing out loud, and then asking for the medicine in public.


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