212 All Hail the New Emperor, Gilbert (3)

Now that the new rat emperor had safely been moved out from the room, the old, fainted emperor could be moved out of the room. The rat emperor was glad to see this new development, and rubbed its rather large head against the face of the minister holding him.

He was enjoying himself.

That made the people who were having fun, a total sum of one person.

Well that was better than no one at all. The emperor had fainted, the rat was happy to have a new minister servant, and the minister was happy to at least temporarily have a rat friend.

Now if this minister had been aware of the fact that the particular rat he was holding on to was a cannibalistic, or at least human eating rat, there was not much of a chance that he would've carried it out of the room.

But since he was unaware, he casually carried it out.


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